I got my test back and it confirmed that I do have A-Thalassemia.  I always knew there was a reason that the iron wasn’t working.  

While I am relieved to know that it wasn’t just in my head, I am frustrated that my doctor did not recommend another treatment. 

She has not come back and said stop taking the iron even though I have informed her several times that the iron doesn’t work. 

Mostly, however, I am frustrated because I just have to deal with fatigue.  They don’t seem to understand that even though my blood work reads only mild anemia, the way I feel doesn’t feel mild. 

If I can feel this way with only mild anemia, I cannot even begin to fathom how awful those with severe disorders feel. 

Some days it really is a struggle yet, because I remain active and happy, it must mean that I am doing just fine. I suppose I might see it that way too if I was a doctor looking over my records but it doesn’t change the fact that I struggle sometimes and after all these years, I don’t want to have to fight it anymore. 

Maybe I just want to know what it’s like to wake up refreshed or just ready to go. 

So that’s it then, there’s nothing they can do.  I have to continue to suffer through the dizziness which often feels like I will hit the floor. I was really hoping that I finally had a doctor that could help but I guess my woes aren’t as important as other people’s. 

I get it.  Others have truly life compromising conditions that need immediate attention but at the same time I think, but I do everything o can to live a healthy life so I don’t end up like one of the peoples who didn’t bother to help themselves before they got to that point. 

Oh well.  It is what it is so I have to deal with it. 

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