An Apotrope is an amulet that uses a symbol such as an eye to ward off the evil eye. It’s design is meant to stare back against evil, to shew it away.

Common protection symbols against evil is the Hand of Fatima or the Hamsa. Other symbols or tools can also be used in an Apotrope such as a mirror or a sigil.

It is said that once an Evil Eye is cast upon you that you must clear the evil (subjective term) from yourself and surroundings which can take some time doing if the eye cast on you is super bitter and full of hate.

They say that the evil eye comes from jealousy. Once you’ve cleansed yourself and home of this negative energy you must wear the amulet forever.

Now, I don’t know if is literally forever BUT for a good long while until the person or persons who cast this on you are no longer bitter or hateful or jealous of you. Eventually it will subside but that kind of bad energy does often take a while to dissipate.

Some ideas for the creation of an Apotrope are:

Metals like silver, gold or aluminum, anything that can deflect the energy back. Or metals that can absorb bad energy like copper and hematite. Bismuth can be used to a deflect and absorb and also cleansed and reshaped in hot water.

Dried or pressed Spilanthes. You can press and laminate it (just use tape) or cast it in resin. Put a hole in the tape or resin and wear it around your neck.

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Crystals that can absorb the negative energy like a smokey quartz, clear quartz or black tourmaline. Highly polished black obsidian works well to absorb and deflect. Agates or Jasper that have an 👁 in them.

Peacock Feather.

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Sigils or symbols should be made with the purpose of protection. Think of them as “return to sender” spells but the 👁 is sufficient.

Wear it around your neck, on your wrist, as a ring, or keep it on your body at all times even when sleeping.

Some of the symptoms of the Evil Eye are:

Inability to focus




A feeling of unease that you cannot shake


Repetitive thoughts

Persistent tinnitus

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