Octopus Wire Art

Wire Art I wanted to challenge myself a little bit by doing something a little more involved when it comes to wire wrapping. I had recently joined a wire wrapping group and someone had posted a wolf that was so amazing it inspired me to try harder. I chose an octopus after watching a show... Continue Reading →

Acrylic Art ICU by Sandra Rinck

18x24x.75 inch canvas. This is a unique and intriguing acrylic art piece by Sandra Rinck. This work was inspired by my love of gardening and the feeling that they are always looking at and admiring others as well. I have always strongly believed that all life has a soul therefor an essence that permeates nature.... Continue Reading →

Acrylic Sun

The Sun by Sandra Rinck The Sun in an acrylic pour art piece on 10x20 canvas. This pour was the result of my love for the color orange.

Winter Solstice 2020

This is my personal tribute to the Winter Solstice line up of Saturn and Jupiter this year. I painted this one using heavy body acrylics, oil paint and oil pastels.

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