Beat Saber PS4 VR

I am just apx. 50 pts. shy of making it to the top 10 spot on Beat Saber.  It’s funny that when I first started playing it about a couple week ago, even on normal speed it seemed fast, now I am slashing the shit out of the cubes on HIGH speed and in Hard and Expert mode.  BUT, I think the VR starts to get wonky when it goes that fast or when it gets too hot.  After a while, the sabers start disappearing or the screen will jump from it’s location.

The good news though, for anyone who feels like they just cannot even comprehend how anyone could possibly hit the cubes when it looks like it’s flying at you at warp speed.  The brain is funny like that.  Once you pick up the rhythm and the sound, it doesn’t feel very fast anymore because your brain isn’t as busy computing, it already remembers so then it becomes a matter of muscle memory.  Less thinking, more feeling…having fun.

I don’t know why I am obsessed with it but I am.  I have already gotten at least an S in most of the songs and SS scores on the ones that I really like even in hard mode.  My favorite is Bass and Rum or is it Rum and Bass.  I can’t remember but I that one really makes me feel like I am a Jedi and I have so much fun.  I get lost in there.  Playing it on Expert on High speed is uber fun.  I pretend I am orchestrating an intergalactic symphony.  Basically, I feel like a bad ass and I LOVE IT.

Anyway.  I wonder if anyone else has a problem with the VR or the game going a little haywire when you bump up the speed.  Of course it could be me being slow but I am pretty sure that my skills aren’t making the screen jump over or the sabers disappear.

The MOST irritating of all things though is when I accidently hit the pause button on the move controller.  UGH, that sucks when I am in the zone.  Too bad I don’t have any friends on PS Network, it could be fun to join a party.

Anyway.  Between this game and a project I am working on, my mind feels spent.  100$ Bill.  hahaha

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