Big Brother 19

I am really irritated with the outcome.  It really shows a lot about how people operate and how influential hatred, envy and jealousy can be and in the end the delusional, hot headed, emotional, guy who did almost nothing but instigate fights won. 

Watching how easy it was for Cody to use hatred to turn the same people he sabotaged and was completely disloyal into haters of the one person who played the game so well is really frustrating. 

And then billions of people voted for the most hateful person to get the 25k?  

It’s not the game that is truly heartbreaking even though I do feel for Paul.  It’s that hatred is so easy for people to fall in love with and the idea that keeps making its rounds in the world is that hatred wins. 

Most of the jury literally voted for the worst and most aggressively any antagonistic person to win because Cody convinced them of his hatred and they all followd suit like dominos. 

And worse, during deliberations, seeing how easy it was for them to admit they did the same things but somehow make their own same faults seem lesser was amazing. 

And then they blamed the actual fighting on Paul when he actually wasn’t the person who caused the fights and each of them did a poor job of protecting their own alliances because they all thought they could ride Paul’s game to the end but when their failure last to win competitions failed and they found themselves in need of a savior, they had no trouble trying to get Paul’s help but when they felt like they didn’t need him, they shunned him and spoke so ill of him and hated him for not giving them the chance. 

Ugh. I shouldn’t think too much about it. It is just so reflective of how society has become so accustomed to loving someone when they need them and hating them when they can’t get what they want. 

It reflects the mentality to accept delusional people, true psychological liars as “winners” because their minds are filled with hate. 

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