Binearal Beats?

Every time I have used them on one of my apps, I end up having nightmares and anxiety and I generally feel scared. I have tried several different frequencies and they all do the same thing to me. I am not sure why they have the opposite effect me. It’s possible the the sine waves used in the Relax Melodies app aren’t correct and that’s why my heart races and I cannot relax.

All the material I have read on them say that there are no harmful side effects and that it’s supposed to help you relax. I haven’t had that experience yet. Nonetheless, I tried again last night during meditation. Here’s what happened.

The first one I used was 5hz for deep meditation. Like all the other times I have tried, I instantly become anxious and uneasy but I decided that maybe I could focus harder and ignore the way it was making me feel. After about 20 minutes I am guessing, I started trembling to some rhythm that made no sense to me. I felt like one of those people on TV who convulse when they think they’ve picked up the holy spirit. I even tried to go along with it and relax into it and see what would happen. It was too uncomfortable and anxiety inducing that I turned it off.

Then I tried the 4hz for dreaming. I felt the same initially but could make slightly more sense of it and eventually picked up a rhythm marked by what sounded to me like s low frequency phone ringing that was so illogically placed that it was making me mad so I focused as hard as I could on it until I could accurately count the timing. I felt less anxious because then I could start to make out the other tones.

They say thee should only be two but I could hear more which is why it probably has an adverse effect on me. Eventually I could ignore the other toned and hone in on the one double ring that repeated every 10 to 20 seconds depending on how fast I was counting. After I did, I managed to fall into a sleep type of state which is exactly like the state you’re in when you start to fall asleep so your body must be relaxed enough but your brain feels like it’s working in two different states, the conscious one snd the subconscious one.

I don’t know exactly how long I was in it exactly because I didn’t reset the timer when I switched from the 5 to 4 hz. What I know is I could smell something that I remembered from a childhood incident that was far from pleasant and I was having several dreams although I don’t recall them because I would snap out of it every time the bell rang.

The most bizarre thing of all is that I set my timer for it to stop at one hour, when it did I could still hear the sounds but they were not the same ones I was hearing from the app. These were inaudible (although obviously audible) because I couldn’t make out their exact tone. I am so I feel the need to make sense of what I am hearing and any slight changes in timing or pitch really irritates me. Maybe it’s a musician thing.

It actually weirded me out so much that I was panicking to turn it off completely. The app itself already stopped but it was open so I closed it out and it was still there and after I took the headphones off, I could literally still hear it. It wasn’t like the sensation you get after standing next to loud bass, this was a literal. I could hear, clear as a bell, these other tones, pitches and sounds like a fax machine or creepy metallic something or other. And it definitely was NOT like continuing to hear a song in your head after you’ve turned it off.

The sounds continued for about five minutes after taking off my headphones and I was shook up by the experience. I don’t know if that is what people are supposed to experience, if people who claim this to be relaxing can’t hear or find chaos to be relaxing or they’re just lying about their experience like a placebo. Maybe I have super sensitive hearing, maybe I am really good at focusing or maybe my internal rhythms are different from others. I am a bit of an oddball in most cases OR maybe the beats used in the Relax Melody app are bad.

It was an intriguing experience so I want to do it again but use a different app and see what happens because it’s hard to understand how so many people can have this relaxing and deeply meditative experience without having any feelings of anxiety and any of the other things that I experienced.

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