Buying a New Computer?

I have been agonizing over which computer to buy next.  I have a simple laptop as it is and I need more power.  I have several frustrations when selecting which computer or laptop or IOS will be best for me and my family.

For this next purchase, I really want something that will last.  I know the common life of a PC is about 4 years before it starts to slow down and run wonky and I can usually extend the life of all my PCs (except for an HP Pavilion that just wasn’t worth the money and lasted maybe 2 years and I couldn’t fix it) so that I can get about 5-6 years out of them and it usually requires constant fixing.

Still, I am not looking for just any computer.  I have talked about, in previous posts, about the compatibility between OS and IOS which I can resolve but it annoys me to have to go through so many steps to bring things together.

I keep going over whether or not I want a PC or a Mac.  Having a Mac would solve all my media issues for simple task like blogging, photo/video editing and it’s coinvent to upgrade the cloud storage as I need it AND to have things stored there incase things go wrong and I didn’t get a chance to back up.

Even though Windows has their own cloud, it’s just annoying to me to have things in different places AND have to pay a subscription fee for them.  I know I can drop files to Dropbox as well but even then, most daily operations feel most convenient with Apple but I really want to be able to do more in the games and graphic design.  -My kids use CAD/D at school but it is super slow, think dial up slow on my laptop not to mention they all seem to uniformly use PC software.-

There just isn’t much you can do to upgrade a Mac.  It’s not like a PC that you can pull apart yourself and make upgrades.  Maybe there are techy people who can do this on their own but I am not one of those people and I think I already spend WAAAYYY too much money on electronics as it is.  I feel part cyborg sometimes and sadly, sometimes I think I (we) have we have too much.

Still,  BECAUSE I know that I am always dropping money on upgrades and the newest things (that I really don’t need), the next one will HAVE to be it for longer than 7 years and I think the best way for me to do that is with a desktop PC.

With the way things are moving in tech-society, games really do seem to be becoming the mainstay of any home especially those with kids.  Even their classwork is done on computer.  Something that I WISHED I could do when I was a kid but all we got to do was play Oregon Trail and Number Munchers and learn how to type and send emails.  Yeah, sadly I am that old even though I don’t usually feel THAT old.

As attractive as a gaming laptop sounds, the price on a system that is also VR ready is insane and I just can’t drop that kind of dough on a computer to justify it.  I do use PSVR but running VR on a PC is way out of my price point but I keep thinking “but the price will come down” and by the time the prices come down, the next intel-core processor won’t be enough.  It seems obvious since we’re already on an i7 (I think I saw an i9) core processor when just 10 years ago (about) the intel dual core processor was supreme.

The point is, my next purchase really has to be the right one.  I haven’t had a desktop since… I can’t even remember when and I really don’t even have the room for it but I also have kids who are heavy into gaming and talk all the time about making videos and all those things.

I see the kids on YouTube that my kids follow and I know how badly my lil’est wants to do those things and we just don’t really have the right equipment to do really cool things like they do so that plays really heavy into my decision making process.  Knowing that the future is going that way for everything, I really have to think about how to make this as economical as possible to suit my entire families needs when they need them.

BUT then I look at the specs on a new MacBook Pro with upgrades to i7 and 1Tb of storage and 16G RAM which could run any project I wanted IN a laptop but the price to have one with all that is fucking nuts and for it lacking in any future possibility for makeovers, as sweet as that sounds, I just can’t do it.  Not for something that will likely not work well after 5 years but man, I do want it but it still wouldn’t run games that I want so that sucks.

It is really hard to choose.  Alienware sounds good but it’s also crazy expensive.  The new Dell is priced within reason.  The last Dell I put together to suit my wants was back in 2007 and it lasted about 7 years before the screen finally closed it’s eyes for good.  I currently have another Dell laptop, it’s a cheap one meant for basic tasks that was super cheap, like 300$ or something, that I got almost 4 years ago and it still works pretty well after all the Windows 10 bullshit was fixed but IDK.  It’s just no enough.

Do I REALLY need a new computer or do I just WANT  new computer and if I do get one, it really does have to be the last for a long time or my husband will give me that look that makes me want to look away like a submissive dog who got busted for getting on the couch.

Sell me on what I should do.  Leave a comment below.  Drop your links if you’re affiliated but don’t drop links just as a prospect.  You really got to sell me on it.  Don’t try and sell me on it like the people at Apple support.

I would prefer those who are tech savvy.  NOT tech savvy like me because I don’t know that much but if you tried to sell me on something like a Chromebook, I am going to know.  Just saying.


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  1. I am in the process right now of trying to find a cheap secondary laptop to take with me to coffee shops and libraries and such. I haven’t had a desktop either since… My HP Envy has become my hub of EVERYTHING, so if I lost it I’d be devastated. I wanted a Sony Vaio, but the basics of the Envy has suited me perfectly even tho I don’t need the touchpad function. Every now and then I find myself dreaming about a MacBook or Alienware (oh VR, I’ll get to you one day), but man that’s waaayy down the line for me.

    Happy laptop hunting! They’re fun and stressful!

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