California Wild Flowers

It’s wild flower season up here and about the only time of the year where I live in the Central Valley where everything is green and beautiful with blankets of white, purple and orange wild flowers growing in the rolling hills that California is know for.

Blue Dicks, Wild Hyacinth

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Although unlike the Hyacinth that you’re most familiar with, the Hyacinth is ruled by the god of the West Wind, Zephyr. Wild Hyacinth can be used in communication spells or elemental magic/rituals invoking western properties and calling on the wind.

Pastor Heliotrope

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Used for prophetic dreams, healing and exorcism.

Menzies Fiddleneck

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This is a toxic herb so don’t eat it and don’t let your animals eat it. It can cause liver failure. Can be used in baneful casting or personal revelations such as breaking a bad habit or reoccurring themes.

Hairy Vetch

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Also toxic to ingest (the seed) but is a very hardy herb that can withstand and populate in any environment even toxic ones like along a freeway. In magic, it can be used to to help boost your confidence in toxic environments to help you thrive in conditions that are not conducive to personal growth.

In agriculture, vetches are used as ground cover or companion gardening HOWEVER this is an invasive legume and seeds left over by harvesting are toxic to animals including humans so care should always be taken as well as controlling their spread.

Also note that they look very similar to peas grown in gardens for consumption.



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