Cu #29 is a native mineral that is actually pretty rare although it seems abundant.

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Copper ore

I LOVE working with copper. I love the color and I love the energy that comes from copper. I am not a huge fan of the green marks left from copper rings but it is a beautiful metal.

Copper, as you know is a heat and electrical conductor. In spiritual and magical practice I prefer a copper chain on a pendulum because it’s very sensitive to energy and promotes warmth.

While silver is associated with the Moon, Copper is associated with Venus and the goddess of love, harmony, balance, beauty and art and peace, Aphrodite.

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It’s used to promote friendship, love, passion, fertility and justice and is associated with the house of Taurus and Libra.

For thousands of years, copper has been engraved or embossed with magical symbols and considered most powerful (money). It was also once used to make mirrors; a reflection of the goddess.

I personally love brushed copper for the softer pink shine it gives almost like rose gold. Cleaning the patina off copper (and silver) is also very easy.

Vinegar and iodized salt. For best results, heat the vinegar to a boil, dissolve the salt and let your metal sit for a few minutes. Careful not to inhale the vapor though, it burns the nostrils. Many sites will give you more complicated recipes but I know this one works from experience.

Polish with rubber or cow hide (leather) OR whatever polish you prefer to work with.

Copper is an alchemists treasure. It can be recycled, renewed or transformed and is very easy to work with.

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