Crypto Sucks

Crypto Is For The Elite

The last couple week I have tried to use crypto currency, organize and make changes to help make myself more profitable or searchable. I doubt my efforts are paying off too well since this whole thing was a waste of time and money. I literally lost money just trying to use crypto. If I lost money because of its volatility I would be okay with that. To lose it just trying to figure out how to use it.. fuck that.

The thing is that I was introduced to NTFs and long story short. On Opensea they let you upload art for free. The catch is that you can’t sell unless you pay the “gas” but the gas is very expensive. The caveat is that you only have to pay it once or twice but the cost is ridiculous. The price, however, wasn’t really what turned me the wrong way. It was trying to pay using cryptos.

I have been trading cryptos here and there just for fun on Robinhood. It has paid off for me especially since there aren’t any extra fees or penalties for trading and I can easily get my money back. They don’t have a wallet though and that has always been the issue I have had with cryptos. How can you even use them? What is the point? How to use the wallets.

I ended up getting a Blockchian wallet and added 20$ thinking that THAT would be enough to pay the ‘gas’ to sell my art as NTFs. BUT when I tried it said it cost something like 65$ so I added more money to Blockchain. I had to buy Ether because that’s what Opensea uses to make transactions. I bought the crypto coins without much problem but when I went back to finish what I was doing, the price had gone up to 133$.

Regardless of what the cost was, there was just one more problem. I didn’t have enough money to pay the “miners” fee. The “miners” fee is apparently more than I had in my account. At that point I had 120.00 which wasn’t even enough to send 60$. This essentially meant that it would have cost at least another 60$ to cover miners fees. Since I wasn’t going to be able to do anything with it, I decided I just wanted my money back because I couldn’t figure it out and had lost about 20$ just trying to figure out how to move money between wallets.

Then after I sold my coins at a loss and tried to deposit the money back into my bank account. Turns out I can’t do that either because they have a minimum transaction of 2,500$. So unless I somehow get that much money in there, I lost it all just for trying. Well, it’s not really lost but I can’t do anything with it. So no more of that for me. PLUS it has become super apparent that those things, cryptos, special social media sites…they are for rich people and I am not invited.

Don’t bother…

I mean, it sucks knowing that I am not welcome to those places let alone being barely noticed in my life just for being alive. Or noticed on social media where the highlight of my day seems to be when just a couple people acknowledge my existence. I know it is lame but the world sorta sucks these days. SO I will forget that all together and just do what I know how to do. What makes me happy.

I am happier when I am not focused so much on trying to make my blogs readable according to SEO. Making sentences that sound like “I ate jam on my toast but I really like jelly better” is how 2nd graders write sentences. AND (yes I am aware you do not start a sentence with AND) it’s not the way I talk. No one actually talks like that. Hi, my name is Sandra. For breakfast I had bacon and yogurt. Um.. nope. lol

Anyways. The whole thing turned me off so badly that I basically hate it now. I mean, I hate it because it felt like a trick but I hate it more because I realized I was out of my league. I mean, I like being just normal but they and much of the world make being normal feel out of place.


Speaking of feeling out of place. I joined the Robinhood group on Facebook and the trolls there are just as ruthless as you’d expect. Being trolled every time I post anything at all really sucks. I have since blocked at least 300 people. Not all of them from the Robinhood group but in general because that is how bad it is to me.

My truth and my experience with Robinhood has been good so far. I hope it stays that way because I do think they are trying to democratize the market. I believe them because it is the only way that I have been able trade that has worked out for me. Not all of my personal choices have been good but those are my mistakes not theirs.

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