Every time I sit down to get to that one thing I have been wanting to do for ever now, (write a novel) I get distracted or purposely distract myself.

I have moments (a lot of them) where I tell myself it sucks and no one will read this (like most of my blog posts). I question how I can possibly write 80k words, where a scene should end, how much detail is too much, is being too graphic bad, will people get pissed off at me for writing it?

How can I possibly find all the spelling and grammar errors with my own eyes? Do the same rules apply anymore? Can I write my own rules? Will people understand me? Is it too complicated? Did I lose myself? How, why did it take 3 hours to write 400 words?

I almost forgot to pick up my kid. How do I keep up with my other goals while doing this one? I can’t write when certain people are around.

My brain wonders this way every time I sit down to write my masterpiece.

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