Eh? Related to the Prophet Muhammad’s Uncle? 

Been doing a gentic ancestey research over a year now in search of my Filipino origins since Information is severely lacking due to Spanish colonialism. 

So I do a LOT of reading.  Some of it boring, some of it fascinating and awe-inspiring. 

I have run raw data through several projects dedicated to the southeast and central Asia regions collecting pieces here and there and crossing out dead ends and marking overlaps and reading information available on every lead I get just to determine where my great grandparents from the Philippines came from so I can have a history to tell my kids. 

And it worked too.  It took me over a year just to get the location, then I got the city, then I got the Tribe and now I know a little something about my family. 

My mom came from Manila. My grandparents are Illocono and came from Abra in Luzon and my great grandparents came from Nogoy and they were Igorot from Kalinga. 

They were headhunters.  Their origins are also Taiwan (aboriginal) which I can verify because they match my haplogroup. 

So having been successful in determining my origins on that side, I got into tracking my other part up through SE Asia and got to Tibet.

But between the Philippines and Tibet, I also had to search Siberia and south Central Asia. 

I did the same things but turned up two things that were extremely interesting. One is having Beringian origins. 

This dates WAY WAY back about 25k years ago and I read that they were/are the link between East Asia and America and that I am a direct descendant to all North and South Native American tribes. 

It’s a little weird because I am not Native American nor do I have any south american heritage because we diverge and become different from out ancestors even if we cary the same genetics. 

That was an amazing find. I won’t go out and claim to be native american or anything like that but it does my heart some good knowinh that so many thousands of years ago, at least one of my direct ancestors made it possible for all the Natives in Americas to have a land.  

I think that’s pretty special. 

What I have a hard time believing is that when I started in the same search for my central lineage I came across Boloch people. 

I read a little about them but was a little unbelievingly when it said these people are decent from the Prophet Muhammad’s uncle. 

All I was looking for was information on the Khans because part of my lineage comes from what is now called Mongolia. 


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