Favorite Hulu Originals

  1. handmades taleThe Handmaide’s Tale – this series takes place in a post America era called Gilead where I think part of the U.S becomes subjects of a super religious cult (fascist) started by a man and woman who used to be “good” people who thought that they could cure infertility and the environment by imposing their values (purest) on the world by enslaving fertile woman and making them traditional old world Handmaids and some of the woman are fighting to get out.
  2. harlotsHarlots – Harlots is about, you guessed it, Harlots.  It’s super funny and a little fucked up too.  In this series it looks at the struggles of opposing brothel houses and the women in society who don’t come from money and those who have money by become a “Lady”.  They sell their girls to what they call “keepers” which basically makes them slave wives but without all the perks and benefits of being recognized as a wife but a mistress.  And the ongoing battle between brothel houses where the long presiding Mrs. Quigley will do anything to destroy Mrs. Wells.
  3. castle rockCastle Rock – so this one is supposedly a columniation of Stephen King’s greatest works told in a multiverse storyline taking parts of his greatest works and working them into one story.  But from what I have watched, it’s about a guy who has some sort of power that I am not quite sure of yet but his mind and another person’s minds are one in the same and they are living in each other at different times like a quantum leap but of course, with a twisted dark side about Henry Deaver.  So far there is only one season and I can’t wait for the second season because by the end of the first, you are seriously wanting to know WTF is going on.
  4. Unreal – this one is about two women who co-produce (in the end anyways) a reality tv series like the Bachelor but Rachele and Julia (the producer and original writer) have some serious issues.  It’s horribly funny but I love vulgar humor.  It’s sad that the series had to end after season 4 but it makes for a good double weekend binge.



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