Filipinos. Asian or Polynesian or Pacific Islander? 

That’s always the question.  Some claim Asain.  Some claim Polynesian.  Some claim Spanish.  Some Pacific Islander. 

Here is the TRUTH.  They can be any combination of the above and associative their ethnicity with the culture they are most familiar with. 

I am most familiar with Asain/Filipino culture.  Others feel more connected to their Polynesian roots and other feel more connected to Hispanic roots.  

So I wish that people could simply understand that Filipinos CAN be any of them and people shouldn’t be angry with them or me because of how we identify ourselves outside of being Filipinos. 

What do you expect?  When you ask someone what they are and they say Filipino and then you ask them what  a Filipino is, then expect to get different answers. 

It’s like being an American.  Being American doesn’t make you any one thing, we are many different ethnicities and it is the same for the Philippines but to a lesser degree. 

I am an American.  I am also Filipino.  I am proud to be both.  I am also German. I am also French.  I am also Polynesian. I am also Iberian.  I can be proud of all those too and it’s not for anyone to decide for someone else what they/we are just because it doesn’t fit into the stereotypes some have in their minds about what people should look like, act like… 

To be sure,  it is one of the BIGGEST reasons I love being Filipino.  I have yet to know another culture that is so inclusive than the Filipinos. 

They are lovers, survivors and extremely crafty. 🤣  We can make anything work albeit it might not look pretty and it may not be the safest BUT we are a peoples that knows how to get things done, how to adapt no matter what the situation and we have hearts as big as our will to survive and I personally believe that THAT is what drives us to be the way we are. 

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