Finished the patio 

I finally got around to filling the gaps in the patio we made last fall. It looks really nice now. 

It took forever to clean out all the spaces that I filled with dirt thinking grass would grow in the spaces. 

Boy was I wrong! Dur. I grew plenty of weeds but now that it is done I get to put the pull up for summer lazy days with my kids. 

I also finally consolidate my aquariums too. I think my plants and fish will be much happier with more room to swim. 

It really amazing how fast water lily pads can make it to the surface. I hope one of these days I actually get a lotus to feels. Having the lily pads is nice though so I am not really complaining. 

Today I got a my new oils from doTerra. I was not really impressed. I have gotten a few that I don’t really care for. The patchouli was the worst so far. I still don’t know how anyone could want to use it because it’s smells so bad BUT whatever, who am I to judge. 

I got the Past Tense blend that my bestie recommended but I am allergic to it which is fine though because I don’t really like the smell of it. 

And I am still super 😴. I hope I sleep good tonight. I have a hard time sleeping when anxiety kicks in. 

I get to go to a karate camp on Saturday which am anxious about. Every time I do something new, anxiety kicks in and I usually back out because the stress gets to me but this I really look forward to. I just don’t look forward to the drive and don’t know what to expect. 

I know it will be good though, I will be just a little bit closer to getting my brown belt which is just a little bit closer to getting my black belt.  That will be an achievement. 

Anyway. I hope I am not on my period that day. That would be super uncomfortable to be out in the sun all day sweating. Bleh. 

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