I don’t know what it is exactly about fluorite that my dogs dislike so much but it repels my Cheddar like kryptonite! I don’t known that I would use it to repel aggressive dogs but it could work to keep your dogs out of places you don’t want them to be.

Fluorite is used in the manufacturing of steel, as a flux, for hydrofluoric acid, as a catalyst for high octane fuel, fluoride in water and in teflon coating for non-stick cookwares. In the 18th century powdered fluorite was also used to treat kidney disease.

It is a pretty soft stone with a hardness of 4, it’s a halide and is calcium fluoride that comes in amazing colors due to chemical contamination that colors along its cleavage so you can see the formation of the crystals.

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Fluorite gets its name from the Latin “fluere” which means “to flow” which explains its use as a flux which is used to clean and cause metal to flow along the path of the flux or to aid in the melting of metals.

It’s found in lead and silver ores, sedimentary rocks, hydrothermal veins and hot spring in nearly every country.

It has a dull luster that is somewhat waxy looking but not waxy feeling. When polished they shine exquisitely. When working with them, they leave a thick mineral paste on your equipment.

Fluorite has one other very cool property, fluorescents, they glow under UV lights (black lights). In some cases, just heating the fluorite will cause it to glow (phosphorescence) and in others, if you hit it, it will spark.

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In metaphysical uses, it is used for protection and healing but also to help aid the mind in releasing negativity and the colors enhance the users experience so the colors seem to make a difference to individuals and seem to compliment your auras. Putting one on your brow chakra helps aid in astral projection or other ESP sessions by enhancing a person’s psychic abilities and clearing channels.

My aura happens to be a blueish-green (turquoise) color and the fluorite I connect with most happen to be greenish-blue.

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But many like the purple or rainbow mix of colors as well.

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Other notes: it has perfect octahedral cleavage is insoluble in water. Is in the isometric system.

All pics are my own. 🧡


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  1. A couple years or so. How funny your dog does the same. Good to know. 😂 Thank you for reading. 🧡

  2. Fluorite is one of my top 3 crystals..love the energy it emits. I hadn’t even noticed that my dog also tends to avoid it, which is hilarious cause I have a huge collection.

    Your photos are lovely! So awesome that you connect with your aura color the most- how long have you been able to see them?

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