Garden Whisperer

I spent the weekend preparing the new garden bed for the spring and planted my first asparagus patch.  It’s very exciting to me since I have never grown a veggie like that before. I had no idea the roots were so long. 

Anyways, I also finally got around to getting the strawberries ready too. When I brought them in, I told Taylor that I think she has a green thumb. 

He looked at it bewilders. I told that her thumb is not really green but that it’s an expression that I think she has the gift to make life grow. 

She seemed struck by it, “really?” She asked. Of course I told her yes and asked her to be my special helper this year and that I think with her help, we will have an amazing garden this year. 

She examined the little stems sticking up from the soil and I told her that I hear plants like to be talked to. 

She leaned in close to them she said, “little plant, please forgive me but I want to take care of you so that we can have some strawberries.”  I don’t remember all she said and I wish I did but it showed me that side of her that I see in ambiguous ways here and there, the part of her that is, what’s the word, truly empathetic and caring.  She’s more than that though, she special in a way I can’t really put words to, she cares deeply about things, more so than the average person. 

So then told her that I think they like to be sung to as well but not crazy songs or they’ll grow crazy but nice songs so they’ll grow nice. 

She sang them Twinkle Little Star, another song she made up about having no fear and then the ABCs. 

The world of a five year old is something special. I wish I could remember being five. I remember a few things, fire flies, Strawberry Shortcake and Easter egg hunts. 

Those were the good things. I hope as we get older, we grow closer instead of apart. I know they grow away from us when they get older, I just hope that I don’t become a distant memory or a monthly phone call. 

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