Hell’s Bells (Devil’s Trumpet)

Moonflower, ThornApple… is a nightshade, Daturas aka Jimsomweed

The Jimsonweed is very poisonous and fatal to animals and shouldn’t be touched with bare hands or consumed.

The plant is a hallucinogen “In traditional cultures, a great deal of experience with and detailed knowledge of Datura was critical to minimize harm. An individual seed contains about 0.1 mg of atropine, and the approximate fatal dose for adult humans is >10 mg atropine or >2–4 mg scopolamine.” -Wikipedia

In medicine it was used as an analgesic. In voodoo it is used to make zombies. Spiritually it’s used for visions and speaking to deities but gets the name Devil’s Trumpet/horn because the visions can be or have been said to be a bit horrifying. If you’re curious because you want to get high, this is NOT the herb you want to smoke and I have never tried it myself.

Fyi, I have never tried it myself and have steered clear of it because I have always been told not to touch it AND because it gives off that kind of energy (impression) and DO believe it should only be handled and harvested by “chosen” people.

The effects of the herb can last for days and is best left to those who know how much of this plant can become fatal. If you do touch this plant and it’s gets into your blood stream and you start to feel “funny”, seek medical attention or you might be flying the witches broom and not like what you see.

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