Human Electromagnetic Fields?

I was scanning through YouTube videos when I came across “Chi balls”.  The claim is that a person can make an electricity ball with their hands.  Being amused and curious about these claims.  I gave it a try.  Nope.  No electricity ball BUT…

What I did notice was something that felt like two magnets when they are pushing away from each other.  I literally could feel the same sensation and it even felt the same as it does when you move repelling maganets around, it feels like the magnets slip around a ball.  Thus, there is something there.

So I kept doing it wondering if it was just in my mind or if there was really something to it.  Humans who can create magnetic fields.  Anyways, so I pulled out an electromagnetic field reader.  Yes, I happen to have one on hand.  I checked to make sure it was working right and then went to a dead zone so I could test whether or not it was true.

To my amazment,  after about five minutes of focusing on getting that “feeling”, sure enough I generated .15 uT of high field radiation or a weak magnetic field.  I think that’s what it means anyways.  The point is that when I first felt it, it put out .01 uT, I was shocked and so I kept doing it to see if I could change it and sure enough.  .15 uT.

Being the curious person that I am, I also tried to see if I could use it to move a flame because I am certain the pressure I can feel in my hands is real.  I am one of those weird people who can feel the tiniest bug land on my forearm or start itching just before it rains.  I am a very sensitive person.   So could I control a flame?

YES!  I could.  I could shrink the size of the flame in the middle and then back out again.  Doesn’t matter if you believe me or not.  I can do that and it is quite something.  So knowing that people can do this, what prevents people from doing it?

Am I just so strange that I am some sort of human anomoly?  I doubt it very much.  Science can explain it, I am sure.  I personally just think it’s amazing that something I never thought of doing because it sounded too foo foo can actually be done.  I don’t think I will be fighting Pokemon anytime soon or hitting my enemies with chi balls but it does make for a creative way to focus.

Also, it makes me wonder about the martial arts claims about the chi.  I understand the chi as a martial artists myself, as my central energy store.  I also understand how to cultivate energy from our suroundings thinks like pulling energy up through the ground although in practice it’s not as mystical as it sounds but chi energy focused on a specific location.  That’s a new trick in my bag.

So between comanding a pendelum with what seems to be my mind and electromagnetic fields, I wonder what else could I do?  There are other things that I WISH I could do but I think they might trip me out too much if I were able to actually do it like levitation.  I don’t think it is really possible but I didn’t think “chi balls” were possible either so…

Anyway.  What would I do with it?  The energy is so weak I don’t think it’s much useful for anything other than personal entertainment.  I can’t turn off a light with my chi force or put out a flame with it…yes, I tried. 😆

Still, there is something more I don’t understand about myself.  I mean, I always thought there was something strange about me and electrontics.  We don’t always see eye to eye on accounts of they pissing me off, and I fucking them up.  It’s a strange relationship that I consider a reaccuring coincidence but maybe, just maybe it isn’t.  Maybe I will make a video of it.

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