Although I haven’t yet gotten the “official” underlying cause of this problem, I am pretty sure it’s due to anemia. 

I have had this problem since I was a kid. I remember the first time I felt there was a problem. It was Christmas when I was about 6 years old.  I had a hard time walking out to the trash at the end of the driveway because I got so tired. 

My parents took me to the doctor and they said I was anemic. Although iron deficiency anemia isn’t the worst thing in the world, they warned my dad (who told me in his words) that it was possible that if I couldn’t keep it in check that I might need kidney dialysis in the future. 

A couple years ago I was having issues with heart palpitations that the doctors didn’t seem to think much of because most of my blood work was good and I am pretty healthy otherwise.  “Optimal” was actually the word she chose. 

I feel proud of that since I am a few months away from 40, but anemia is still an issue so when I went to the doctors last week, I thought my labs would come back perfect and there would be no problem. 

When I read the labs report I saw things that freaked me out but decided that if I didn’t hear from my doctor then there was nothing to worry about. 

She got back to. 😒 

I have worried a little about this, on and off, most of my life.  I eat high iron foods, take supplants periodically (because I hate taking them), I don’t eat too much junk, I exceeose regularly etc, but unfortunately I can’t change what nature/genetics chose for me. 

I feel confident I can keep it under control but I do worry that one day it will be my demise.  I suppose it’s better than alternative deaths so I should count my lucky stars. 

Still, at this time in my life’s I have never wanted to live more than I do now.  Maybe I overreact but it’s just weird to me that one day it really did start to catch up and I feel a little stupid and angry with myself for not listening. 

The upside is that sugar is recommended. Lol. And by luck, I already use albuteral which probably explains why the heart palpitations went away after I started using it. 

It’s t it strange.  I just thought about it.  I moved to the Central Valley and I developed allergies that cause asthma, which is why I use the albuteral. 

Anyways.  My doctor said to avoid foods containing potassium. I will do what she said because I have tried everything else hoping that I could find a natural solution and I can’t so… 

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