I Don’t Know

Firstly what is on my mind is wondering if I shouldn’t have given what I feel like was useful thoughts to a women whom I feel is searching for something to bring more peace into her life. 

Sometimes I don’t know if I should keep my thoughts to myself or if I should go with my initial gut feeling and just say what I see and hope that it turns out useful. 

It’s hard to say these days because so many people are so unhappy and most of them are good people and it bothers me when people cam feel so discontented with life and I really want to help people see what I see. 

I wonder if I makes me pushy or if it will become useful. I don’t know but sometimes it makes me nervous to tell people what I think when I know that the words I choose can have a positive or negative effect.  Still, I chose to share because I feel like I just cannot help but offer people some solace. 

In other news.  I went to see a nutritionist. It was t exactly what I was thinking it would be but I am open to knew things.  It was a sort of practice that I am actually unfamiliar with called Nutrition Response Testing.  

I personally think my primary doctor will just make me sicker by continuing to have me take iron supplements so I went in search of a better way since the iron doesn’t work anyways. 

I want to try this way and in a couple months when I go back for my 3 month lab,  it might show different results. In any case, if I can even just get better sleep, I will would still be better off so I am hoping for the best. If nothing comes of it, at least then I can say I tried. 

There isn’t too much on my mind at the moment though.  Oh!  I was completely shocked when my body analysis showed I had only 17.7% body fat.  I thought I was at least 22%  because my weight is 125 so I just assumed I had put on more fat.  It is muscle after all.  

It also proves that all those fitness blogs I read about how women can get rid of their c-section “aprons” are total bs.  They all say you have to get down to at 18% body fat for it to go away. Lie. But in all likelihood it really is just skin and that sucks because the only way I could get rid of it is with sx.  No thanks. I have had enough of being cut up or open in my life but it does bother me. 

And I think aliens are blue. 

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