I feel sad. 

Not like a depressing sad but a calm sad that’s sitting with me today.  It’s probably PMS but it feels like it comes from knowing that nothing I have to say is important. 

I don’t care too much about it I suppose except the message is always about love and empathy, things like that and people aren’t responsive. 

Instead, they’re responsive to hate.  People love to get together and hate together but trying to send a message of love is basically laughed at. 

It makes me sad.  I put myself out there for constant rejection.  I don’t take it personally because I realize the circumstances surrounding it BUT I swear it, that trying to help turn people’s hearts into understanding ones seems to be humanities greatest challenge. 

Even in the best of them, they cannot help but be pulled into the circle of perpetual defense. It’s a “me or you” mentality. 

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