If I Could

Sometimes I get jealous, in a good way, of people who get to travel. When I read their sites or read things in the National Geographic, I always wish I could be that blessed.

How are so many people blessed with such opportunity? I read about some people who left with a backpack and a handful of cash, others who are paid to travel and write about it, (a job I only dream of having) and I wonder how they did it?

I couldn’t leave my family behind to pursue such things but one day I hope to. I mean travel wherever I want when my kids are grown up. I actually work at staying in shape just so that when that day comes, I will be able to do all the things I have ever dreamt about doing.

I want to go to Africa and just stare into the distance on a great plane and watch the sun rise and set. I want to see elephants and lions do their thing. I think I would even consider camping out in the great wide open, probably terrified BUT I would need to do it because one of my dreams is to know what the sky looks like without all the light pollution. I have been to the Mauna Kea Observatory a few times for star parties but I would like to see more. To be really off the beaten path and be warmer.

I want to hear what it sounds like when there aren’t any cars or airplanes roaming around. I want to hear the ocean crash against the shore 50 miles off the coast and hone in on all the creepy insects making mating calls.

I want to go to Budapest and visit the Corvine castles. Did you know I have ancestry connected to Mathias Corvinas? I am not entirely sure in what way but my family has an old relic with the Budapest Bird, the Raven/Crow that carries a ring in it’s beak. It’s our family crest. My ancestry results also tell me (across three different sites) that my relatives come from Austro-Hungaria. It doesn’t mean much but I would love to go there and see what they would have seen in their time EVEN when I cannot be entirely sure what happened to them, where they went and what they endured. All I know, is they survived.

I want to go to Rome and pretend that I am a Gladiator, a female Gladiator and stand in the middle of the Coliseum. I would probably do something ignorant like yell, “This is Sparta” even though I would totally be in the wrong region but it would be fun.

I want to go to Machu Picchu and climb the mountain being terrified of falling because I am a little bit afraid of heights. Actually, I am afraid of hitting the ground AND I don’t like that feeling you get when you miss a step. That’s what I imagine a fall like that feeling like. No thank you.

I want to go to Egypt and visit the Great Pyramids. I want to lay my hands on them and see if I can feel the energy coming from them and then I want to wait there a while just to see if any UFOs come around to beam me up and tell me about our actual origins.

I want to go to India and play the live version of Crossy Road (Frogger) and buy lots of spices and visit the Taj Mahal.

I want to go to Paris and have a baguette at a little cafe off the side of the street and visit the Louve then go and visit the burial site of a great x3-4 uncle who died in a war in the 1800s. I can’t remember which one off the top of my head but he’s buried in France because that’s where my more recent ancestors came here from (Germany as well).

I want to go to Austria and ride a bike on some dirt road in the Swiss mountains while the flowers are in bloom just to get to a small town and eat something. I don’t have any great plans to do anything inparticular, I just want to hang out and enjoy the beautiful scenery in peace.

I want to go to the Philippines and see what it was like where my mom grew up, then go north to Luzon so see the stomping grounds of my grandparents and great grandparents that I never met. I would like to visit the Kalinga tribes just to say that I am their offspring from generations that go way back, farther than any of them alive today.

I want to go to Indonesia just to walk around. My most distant ancestors from my moms side come from Indonesia so I want to walk around to try and really get a feel for what it may have been like 10k years ago. While there, I would probably do some touristy things too. The beaches and all that, I wouldn’t pass that up.

I want to go to China and learn Shaolin Kung Fu. I know a couple people who have been blessed enough to go and do just that. I wish, I wish, I wish. I want to mediate in a real Buddhist temple and eat authentic chinese food.

I want to go to Japan when the cherry trees are in bloom AND go on a Mario Kart tour. Yes, there are some touristy things that I also want to do because THAT would be super fun!

I want to got Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, the UK as well. I want to see the castles and do my best to get a Royal guard to laugh. Do they get fired if they do? I want to see old viking settlements too.

Anyways. There are so many places that I want to visit. Some places I didn’t even list like the 10th great wonder of the world on an island near Guam to a place called Nan Madol where they were the first to build artificial islands. That’s a pretty impressive thing considering doing it know is considered a remarkable feat.

I can’t even begin to imagine what stories I could tell, what lessons I would learn, what other questions would I have? Things I might never get to know. Sure, there is virtual reality and that is fun if you want to be in a game but I don’t think anything can compare to being there in real life, the smells, the ambiance, the heat or cold. The stillness in the air before a storm blows in, the grittiness of sand between your toes.

Sigh… just fleeting dreams I guess, but one day I hope to get the opportunity to visit at least one of them. If you could do anything you ever wanted, what would it be?

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