Malachite -carbonate hydroxide

Malachite had been mined since 3000BC and comes from copper ore. Copper is the mineral of the Goddess Aphrodite and planet Venus and is green copper carbonate hydroxide.

The name comes from the Greek “mallow” referring to itself leaf green color.

It’s found in copper mines in botryoidal (like balls or bubbles) clusters and with a fibrous sheen that appear metallic and is commonly also found with azurite (like turquoise) which is also a mineral that comes from Copper ore. Most/many blue to blue-green minerals come from copper and the color comes from exposure to other elements and chemicals.

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In China it is/was called Shilu named after where it was found in the Shilu, Guangdong Province. In Italy they were worn as protection against the Evil Eye.

Today it’s still used to absorb negativity and protect you against unseen or unforeseen forces aka the Evil Eye.

They can be found all over the world but the best specimens come from: Congo, South Australia, Brisbane, Morocco, Arizona, Lyon.

The Ancient Egyptians first discovered smelting when they learned that heating malachite in fire reduced it to copper.

They called it Shesmet and it was used as a medicine to protect against Staphylococcus bacterial infections.

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Reference source for above pic

According to my reference book Smithsonian Rock and Gem, pg 184 it is a fact that ancient egyptian green eye paint containing malachite had medicinal properties.

The Specific Gravity of Malachite is 3.9-4 which basically means it’s heavy/dense yet its not very hard with a 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale which means it’s not very hard to break, scratch, chip etc…

I just purchased this one for my own collection from and I had to have it as soon as I saw it.

For the most part I am not that attracted to malachite because most of the specimens I come across are tumbled like the one below but the fibrous and metallic looking ones are amazing!

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Tumbled stone

This one is now on my list of most prized stones along side my meteorite and my moonstone.

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What I just noticed about my three favorite stones is that they fit together like pieces to a puzzle. It makes me think that these didn’t happen on accident. They were meant to be. 🧡

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