Melaleuca Alternifolia – Tea Tree

Tea Tree Essential Oils is a other one of my MUST have essential oils in my apothecary. I use it primarily as an antibacterial, anti-fungal and antibiotic for my skin which is extremely sensitive and I often get rashes.

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I have also used it as a facial toners to help with acne and inflammation and to heal open pimples.

You should mix it with a non-greasy (light weight) carrier oil OR wet a cotton ball with witch hazel and a small dab of Tea Tree dab (or whatever it is you use) and gently wipe your face after cleaning and rinse off after as well…okay you don’t have to do the last part but I do because my skin is extremely sensitive.

~Quick Tip- any oil will work to remove make up so you really do not need to buy expensive brands when a little dab of any carrier will work, just rinse when you’re done. ~

As a rash treatment, I do use it undiluted and rub it directly onto the rash. This is a current rash on my hands because I have a Sun sensitivity so I get this as soon as I start to spend more time in the Sun and usually ONLY of it’s a sudden increase instead of gradual. I am a Sun lover so…

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I use it to stop the itch AND to prevent infection incase any blisters burst usually by scratching at it. It works particularly well on eczema. At least it does for me.

Tea Tree is also excellent in a diffuser and helps with breathing ailments: colds, asthma… it has its own unique scent that I absolutely love but others might not like it at all.

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Some of my favorite diffuser blends are:

Tea tree and frankincense for meditation and grounding.

Tea Tree and eucalyptus for colds.

Tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender for sleeping.

Tea tree-1, wild orange-1, oregano-1, cardamom-1, eucalyptus-1, lavender-2, and cassia-2 for an energizing but also grounding effect that is clean and inviting.

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