My Own Wunderbrow review.

I ordered it a couple months ago after watching several mixed reviews on the product. 

I watched some vloggers put it on so carelessly and then claim the product is a joke that I couldn’t take the review seriously. 

I watched some who put it on the way you would use brow powder and that seemed to defeat the purpose of easy application. 

I have watched some who say that it really is waterproof and put it to the test and others who love it but their brows look painted.  Not to bash the painted brow look but it sort of defeats the purpose of a natural looking brow in my opinion. 

So does it work? 

At first it took a little getting used to coming from using and expensive brow powder and brush from Ulta and had to use waterproof makeup remover to get it off and start again. 

After a few applications I finally got it.  For me, the trick was to apply it lightly even though the commercials look like you slap it on and you go. 

For those who say it’s too liquidy, I agree. At first, it does seem that way but after a couple applications, air thickens it up enough for a better application. 

The brow brush that comes with it isn’t a very good one so after switching and using a better brush, it looked even better. 

Applying it to just the hair seems optimal AND you have to make sure your brows aren’t oily. I think that really is the trick. 

It is NOT waterproof for all intents and purpose as they claim. It does not stay on for more than a day BUT I initially got it because I work out a lot and sweat a lot and have to wipe my face off repeatedly. In that regard, it does work just not for a long time but enough time for someone like me. 

My assumption, after washing my face with plain water and soap is that it does stay longer than powder or pencil but I use facial scrub that contains oil because I have extremely oily skin so I don’t get away with it staying on after that. 

I bought the black/brown color after watching the videos on different colors. Obviously blonde wouldn’t work for me but it was a toss up between brunette, black/brown or black and black looked too Groucho Marxs for me. 

At first, the color appeared too light but after a couple tries, the color actually looks near a perfect match.  A lot better than the expensive brow powders which never matched just right. I have dark brown hair but my eye brows “look” black. 

Also, I agree with those who say that it doesn’t stick well to the skin.  I have a spot on my brow where hair has never grown due to a scar or something from childhood and I have yet to get it to stick on that spot. Trying to use more doesn’t make it better either. It looks worse to try and fill it with this than to leave it and accept that I will always have that scar on my brow. 

As for the cost. I buy it off Amazon for about 19$ and I don’t have to agree to any terms that I have read people having to do from their website. 

Overall, although the claims are exaggerated (at least in my case because I have extremely oily skin and am very active) I think it is the best brow product I have used yet. 

The caveat is that I had to work with it initially a little to figure out how to get the best results from it. 

So in short, less is more.  That’s something I learned about makeup a long time ago and stick with that like glue.  Get a better brow brush and if you want it to stay on for more than a day, don’t use oil based face washes and make sure your brow is oil free and clean before application. 

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