Octopus Wire Art

Wire Art

I wanted to challenge myself a little bit by doing something a little more involved when it comes to wire wrapping.

I had recently joined a wire wrapping group and someone had posted a wolf that was so amazing it inspired me to try harder. I chose an octopus after watching a show on them and decided they are my new favorite creature.

No doubt wire Art isn’t as easy as it looks. Or maybe it doesn’t look that easy to some. But in the end I was/am very pleased with how it turned out.

I didn’t want to make something that looks like everyone else’s so my octopus has color and an environment AND I love that she looks like a princess. Not that I am into princesses but I think it’s cute.

I did the entire thing by hand except for the moonstone. I didn’t lap that one myself or the beads but I did the obsidian, made a space for the moonstone to lay etc.

There were some hiccups along the way. I got frustrated as well a few times but I did learn a lot from the experience and I think that matters a lot.

It really opened the door for me to do more so I am not limited to just wrapping stones. Not that I am opposed to it but that my desire isn’t always to make money BUT selling does help pay for the materials I need to keep making stuff.

From start to finish. I hope they end up in the right order. I am posting from my phone instead of my computer this morning.

You can always help me by checking out my web-store, Serwins.

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