OHNI Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9 Review

Short video review at the bottom. 

I JUST got my OHNI hardshell case with keyboard for my iPad Pro 2nd generation (2017 model A1670) yesterday. So far it seems to be exactly what I wanted. Something to hold my iPad in that would make typing more comfortable.

The key functions seem to check out so far. I am not sure what the “lock” key does since I pushed it and it didn’t do anything. It does come with a shortcut key manual to get you started which I needed to find where the Bluetooth connect feature was. It wasn’t much trouble at all. It connected right away and I am able to get straight to it.

The backlight keys work just fine so I can type at night in my bed if I feel like it. I like that it is stiff but it doesn’t really get a whole lot of angle to it BUT the furthest back angle seems at the right place for typing.  I spent last night watching Netflix in bed to see how comfortable that was.  It was perfect for me.  I also found out that the space bar acts like a pause and play button in addition to the short keys at the top made specifically for that but it doesn’t work that way for music, at least not when I tried it with Pandora.

The sound of the keys is nice. I do like that but the keys seem a little far spaced. I think the geeks call it “travel”. It’s not horrible though. I can type just fine already. It was only noticeable when I typed my first sentence but I ditched the keyboard cover.  I never like them anyways.

The hinge was what I really wanted to know about. It does feel a little top heavy which is probably why the angle doesn’t extend past 135 degrees.  It would likely fall over.  If you do get this model, just know that if that is a serious issue for you, you might not want it.

The case itself is okay.  I do like that it seems sturdy BUT the edges are really sharp. I am thinking I will take some sandpaper to it and smooth it out myself.   I also am not really feeling the visual hole to show off your Apple logo.  It’s a personal thing I guess.  It is also very heavy.  It’s heavier than my Dell laptop.  Combined, I think it probably weighs close to 5lbs.  I didn’t actually weigh it but it IS heavy.  I am also a little meh about the finish.  The color is almost an exact match to my iPad but the brushed metal seemed unfinished.  Perhaps it’s something the makers forwent to keep cost down.  IDK, I suppose if you wanted to, you could customize it pretty easily.  It feels porous so I am feeling pretty sure a smooth top coat would hold well.

Through writing this whole review, there doesn’t seem to be much delay either so that is good because I do type fast and do get annoyed when there is delay. SO far so good.  If you do auto-lock your iPad, once it goes to sleep, you’ll still have to press the Home button manually on the iPad.  You could disable it but it’s not a deal breaker for me.

I do wish that Apple would make track pads and mice to work with the iPad Pro since I paid more for it than a high end laptop so that is a huge drawback but not for the maker of the keyboard.  It’s a systems thing on part of Apple HOWEVER, I decided on getting the iPad Pro because I like to draw and like how well it works.  That said, taking the iPad back out IS a little difficult.  There’s a Push Button at the bottom that (for me) needs three fingers to press down fully and then you have to press through the hole in the back (now I know why it’s really there) to pop it out.

I paid 99$ for it on Amazon. I do not get paid anything for writing a review of it and I don’t get anything for mentioning it either. Just thought that it’s worth a review since I could find only one for it on YouTube for one that looked almost exactly like this one but from a different company.

So again this is for the OHNI 12.9 iPad Pro 2nd gen A1670 (cellular enabled models are the exact same) model clamshell case in gold. They have a silver model available as well but I went with gold because mine is gold and my house took a vote on the color.

All things considered after a day and night of using it,  IF I didn’t like to draw on my iPad so much, I wouldn’t take issue with how hard it is to get it out. I don’t care for the sharp edges or the weight but it does seem to function this far as expected so I give it 4 stars.

I will leave an update in the future if I find out anything that might alter my review like if it breaks in a month.

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