One of the Best Music Videos Ever

I first heard this song at around midnight watching Headbangers Ball on MTv.  I can’t remember what year it came out but it was probably 1994.  If MTv was still playing music videos than it was in the 90s.  hahaha.

I thought it was the most awesome music video I had ever seen and I bought the tape (yeah, cassette)  the next day.  Maybe not the very next day but it was the second album I ever bought and loved every single song off Undertow.

The song is still played on the radio today and with good reason.  I couldn’t find them on iTunes and heard that they refuse digital which is sorta funny in a way.  But it is definitely THAT good and worth the money because, again, every song on the album is awesome.

I know this song has been covered several time even by some kids (which was pretty good btw) but nothing compares to watching the video.  It’s hands down one of THE best music videos ever.  One of the best, there are others that I will get to later.


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