Pagans Shop

Pagans Shop

I don’t know where to start with advertising to sell things since that’s the one area where I have never felt comfortable in. Still, I have been working on gemstone crafting and I really love it.

Up until I started carving stones, I didn’t feel much of anything. They were pretty and I liked them but it wasn’t until I started to really work with them that I felt something more. With every stone and the time spent on crafting them, my mind and soul drifted off. What will it become, what was I thinking about, how did it feel, what was I feeling…

And THEN it struck me that my craft was about understanding their energy, their story and our story and in my own way, enchanting them. Giving them new life and new purpose and they are giving me new life and new purpose.

From the very first stone I worked with, I just new that there was something magical going on. This is my craft. In the future I will become better and it’s not about the money to me but I do feel like each one is meant for that one person and in exchange, the money I receive I can give back to my family, my craft, and others who need help.

And all of this makes me feel really good. It’s Zen, it’s magical, it’s grounding.

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Pagans Shop

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