Melaleuca Alternifolia – Tea Tree

Tea Tree Essential Oils is a other one of my MUST have essential oils in my apothecary. I use it primarily as an antibacterial, anti-fungal and antibiotic for my skin which is extremely sensitive and I often get rashes.

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I have also used it as a facial toners to help with acne and inflammation and to heal open pimples.

You should mix it with a non-greasy (light weight) carrier oil OR wet a cotton ball with witch hazel and a small dab of Tea Tree dab (or whatever it is you use) and gently wipe your face after cleaning and rinse off after as well…okay you don’t have to do the last part but I do because my skin is extremely sensitive.

~Quick Tip- any oil will work to remove make up so you really do not need to buy expensive brands when a little dab of any carrier will work, just rinse when you’re done. ~

As a rash treatment, I do use it undiluted and rub it directly onto the rash. This is a current rash on my hands because I have a Sun sensitivity so I get this as soon as I start to spend more time in the Sun and usually ONLY of it’s a sudden increase instead of gradual. I am a Sun lover so…

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I use it to stop the itch AND to prevent infection incase any blisters burst usually by scratching at it. It works particularly well on eczema. At least it does for me.

Tea Tree is also excellent in a diffuser and helps with breathing ailments: colds, asthma… it has its own unique scent that I absolutely love but others might not like it at all.

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Some of my favorite diffuser blends are:

Tea tree and frankincense for meditation and grounding.

Tea Tree and eucalyptus for colds.

Tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender for sleeping.

Tea tree-1, wild orange-1, oregano-1, cardamom-1, eucalyptus-1, lavender-2, and cassia-2 for an energizing but also grounding effect that is clean and inviting.


Cu #29 is a native mineral that is actually pretty rare although it seems abundant.

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Copper ore

I LOVE working with copper. I love the color and I love the energy that comes from copper. I am not a huge fan of the green marks left from copper rings but it is a beautiful metal.

Copper, as you know is a heat and electrical conductor. In spiritual and magical practice I prefer a copper chain on a pendulum because it’s very sensitive to energy and promotes warmth.

While silver is associated with the Moon, Copper is associated with Venus and the goddess of love, harmony, balance, beauty and art and peace, Aphrodite.

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It’s used to promote friendship, love, passion, fertility and justice and is associated with the house of Taurus and Libra.

For thousands of years, copper has been engraved or embossed with magical symbols and considered most powerful (money). It was also once used to make mirrors; a reflection of the goddess.

I personally love brushed copper for the softer pink shine it gives almost like rose gold. Cleaning the patina off copper (and silver) is also very easy.

Vinegar and iodized salt. For best results, heat the vinegar to a boil, dissolve the salt and let your metal sit for a few minutes. Careful not to inhale the vapor though, it burns the nostrils. Many sites will give you more complicated recipes but I know this one works from experience.

Polish with rubber or cow hide (leather) OR whatever polish you prefer to work with.

Copper is an alchemists treasure. It can be recycled, renewed or transformed and is very easy to work with.


I don’t know what it is exactly about fluorite that my dogs dislike so much but it repels my Cheddar like kryptonite! I don’t known that I would use it to repel aggressive dogs but it could work to keep your dogs out of places you don’t want them to be.

Fluorite is used in the manufacturing of steel, as a flux, for hydrofluoric acid, as a catalyst for high octane fuel, fluoride in water and in teflon coating for non-stick cookwares. In the 18th century powdered fluorite was also used to treat kidney disease.

It is a pretty soft stone with a hardness of 4, it’s a halide and is calcium fluoride that comes in amazing colors due to chemical contamination that colors along its cleavage so you can see the formation of the crystals.

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Fluorite gets its name from the Latin “fluere” which means “to flow” which explains its use as a flux which is used to clean and cause metal to flow along the path of the flux or to aid in the melting of metals.

It’s found in lead and silver ores, sedimentary rocks, hydrothermal veins and hot spring in nearly every country.

It has a dull luster that is somewhat waxy looking but not waxy feeling. When polished they shine exquisitely. When working with them, they leave a thick mineral paste on your equipment.

Fluorite has one other very cool property, fluorescents, they glow under UV lights (black lights). In some cases, just heating the fluorite will cause it to glow (phosphorescence) and in others, if you hit it, it will spark.

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In metaphysical uses, it is used for protection and healing but also to help aid the mind in releasing negativity and the colors enhance the users experience so the colors seem to make a difference to individuals and seem to compliment your auras. Putting one on your brow chakra helps aid in astral projection or other ESP sessions by enhancing a person’s psychic abilities and clearing channels.

My aura happens to be a blueish-green (turquoise) color and the fluorite I connect with most happen to be greenish-blue.

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But many like the purple or rainbow mix of colors as well.

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Other notes: it has perfect octahedral cleavage is insoluble in water. Is in the isometric system.

All pics are my own. 🧡


Simon & Schusters’s Guide to Rocks and Minerals Guide Book

Smithsonian Rocks and Gem, definitive guide to rocks, minerals, gems and fossils.


Hell’s Bells (Devil’s Trumpet)

Moonflower, ThornApple… is a nightshade, Daturas aka Jimsomweed

The Jimsonweed is very poisonous and fatal to animals and shouldn’t be touched with bare hands or consumed.

The plant is a hallucinogen “In traditional cultures, a great deal of experience with and detailed knowledge of Datura was critical to minimize harm. An individual seed contains about 0.1 mg of atropine, and the approximate fatal dose for adult humans is >10 mg atropine or >2–4 mg scopolamine.” -Wikipedia

In medicine it was used as an analgesic. In voodoo it is used to make zombies. Spiritually it’s used for visions and speaking to deities but gets the name Devil’s Trumpet/horn because the visions can be or have been said to be a bit horrifying. If you’re curious because you want to get high, this is NOT the herb you want to smoke and I have never tried it myself.

Fyi, I have never tried it myself and have steered clear of it because I have always been told not to touch it AND because it gives off that kind of energy (impression) and DO believe it should only be handled and harvested by “chosen” people.

The effects of the herb can last for days and is best left to those who know how much of this plant can become fatal. If you do touch this plant and it’s gets into your blood stream and you start to feel “funny”, seek medical attention or you might be flying the witches broom and not like what you see.

On Top Of An Anthill

I went for a hike yesterday alone so I could collect my own thoughts and just have some real me time.

I wanted to try a new experiment with Shadow work and it was an extremely emotional hike that I came down the anthill feeling like I came one step closer to really understanding something about myself.

The experiment was something like automatic writing. I really don’t know if I am using the term right for what I was doing BUT whenever I could hear my thoughts penetrating my souls…like thoughts that clearly elicit an emotional response, I wrote them down.

I have not looked at them since writing them down so this will be my first time looking at them with all of you.

In an effort to be truly authentic and really do the work that I KNOW my guides are telling me I need to do, I will omit nothing because I have been learning that the person I show people is strong and confident and the person I hide (my shadow) is extremely sensitive and I always have to take care of her.

With without further rambling. Here it is.

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Here are some pics. I really felt like the Fae were around watching me. I know how crazy that seems since I don’t think I have ever seen one yet these dead trees, they all seemed to look like a creature to me and it felt like they wanted me to know they were there, that somehow, even when along the way it became more silent than I have heard in a long time, that I was not alone on my journey.

At one point the wind came and it seemed as though it was the tree talking to me. It happened at a moment when I was wondering if I should continue or keep going. I went a little further then turned around to head back down.

A funny looking Grasshopper or Cricket. It was my first indication that my guides were with me. The cricket/grasshopper (both) are part of my menagerie so I know when they come around that I need to listen, that there’s a pearl of wisdom waiting for me somewhere.

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Western Jimsom weed (extremely poisonous and fatal)

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Lichen painted rocks. 🧡

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This is apparently the highest peak in the county.

On the way up and when I reached the top. It was really a moment for me. It was a small table on top of a giant anthill. I remember at some point wondering if all mountains were at some point crystal mountains or that when looking at the mesas, how flat the Earth really did look to those who didn’t know any better.

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On the way back down I grabbed a couple more pics. The side of the mountain looked painted to me. I wasn’t able to get a good picture because I didn’t have a tripod or a different camera with me so I get what I get.

And finally, there was a girl that I felt was somehow special. She greeted me on her way down, passing me by but it was how she said it and them she skipped on down the mountain like a fairy. I am not saying she is/was one but I am saying that her presence did make me smile, like a guardian that only needed to be sure I got what I came for.

So that was my journey yesterday. Some call it soul searching, others call it Shadow Work. Whatever you call, it was a good journey for me. I needed it. I needed the time to just be alone and actually collect my thoughts.

If you embark on something similar, I would love to hear about it. Thanks for reading and I know these pics aren’t my greatest works but that’s okay.

🧡 Sandra