Past life regression

Strange things. Every time I do it, I am an Eagle or the image of one comes up and because I have also seen this creature, not like any Eagle we know today, I have always wondered and have been searching for its meaning for the last 11 years.

Today during yoga practice, I must have slipped into a deep meditation state and I could see images of something that looked like ancient aztec something. When I am conscious of what I am looking at, I shift back into deep meditation and this time I could hear something say “look for a pyramid uncovered in 1978”. The other day a similar thing happened and the thing said, “[Spare, save, kill?] the 16 Christians”. I came back wondering why someone would say that. I literally came back saying, “why would you say that.”

In other regressions, I am soaring over water and I like those although they aren’t as vivid as I would like them to be. All of them are always like blips on a screen but I know some time has passed because I come back and an hour has passed.

Last night I could feel my body being pulled from my body and although I wanted to have the experience, I hold myself back in for some reason. In my dreams, I do the same thing. I float up to the ceiling and when I feel like I am about to start passing through, I get scared and wake myself up.

Today, because the message was specific, I found exactly that. What’s so interesting in hindsight is that this is what I was looking at. I don’t know what it means or why this is what I found in my subconscious but it has to mean something. I have never heard of her before so it’s an odd thing that I was directed to look for something and to find the image I saw.

How I am skeptical of my own experiences, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because they say it’s not possible to do these things but I can, have.

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