Perimenopaus hunger?

I already know I have already started down the road to infertility and so many things that come with it but this is a new one which I insist must be hormone related.  Hunger. 

I feel like I need to eat or I will die. That’s how nad the hunger pains are and they don’t seem to abate even after I have eaten. 

I keep thinking that maybe I worked out so hard that my body is needing more calories but I find that very hard to believe because I have done much more in the past and have felt hungry and I eat and it goes away and might come back in a couple hours. 

But this month my period was early. Last month is was late but I literally cannot seem to curb the pain of hunger and when I eat I only feel bloated and uncomfortable. 

I KNOW I am getting enough to eat so the only explanation I can think of is transitional. 

I also started thinking about it a couple days ago too, that I have been craving a lot of sugar. I don’t usually eat too much of it inlesss it’s just before the end of mh cycle where inneed chocolate. I don’t care what “professionals” say about it, there is something about chocolate that helps. 

So anyways, I should be aware of my sugar intake.  It hasn’t even been a year since I had my last levels checked and they were optimal but who knows. 

I don’t know if they can change that fast but I should be mindful just to be safe. That could be a struggle because the hunger is so bad it’s giving me headaches. 

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