Petrified Wood Opal

Petrified Wood Opal

This is a beauty!  My husband was out in Wyoming for a job and went to the Blue Forest in Big Sandy.  He brought home several pieces that I have yet to work on but I am simply in awe of this one!

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It is more than I was hoping for.  I haven’t yet uploaded it to my Etsy store

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What’s really interesting when working with organic gemstones is the smell.  Because these aren’t exactly igneous rocks but organic matter that’s been replaced by minerals, they often have a certain smell.

Amber, for instance, has a sweet smell that is pleasant and nostalgic.  This one here, every now and again I would get a whiff of what smelled like an overheating motor….tar or something.  I have smelled similar before but like with the amber, it’s hard to really pinpoint what it smells like exactly but only what it sort of smell like.

It’s another aspect of working with rocks and minerals that really fascinates me.  I mean, I am always in awe of the creation itself but certainly when it comes with “smellavision”, it’s like taking a step back in time.

So this one, the smell was strong like burnt resin or tar which is striking because the Blue Forest in Eden Valley was likely due to a volcanic eruption that occurred during the Eocene period and then flooded which is what would have enabled minerals to transform the wood into opal or chalcedony.

When I look at pieces like this, it always seems like Nature took her own snapshot of what it was like before we happened.  From a scientific perspective, they offer so much insight into the formation, the history, the timeline of the Earth: what minerals were present, what activity has happened, how much pressure there was… but from a spiritual perspective, it is something else.

For me, it’s like jumping through time in a way that cannot be replicated through faux gemstones, digital images or recreated in a lab.  These are things that take millions of years to develop and they are worth way more than they go for on the market but worth every penny spent IF you are on of those people who sees these things as more than just a valuable gem.

They are like priceless pictures you cannot part with because it’s all you have left of the past.

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