I want to make something beautiful, a place at home where being at home feels happy and magical and relaxing and beautiful that makes the real world disappear. 

A place where I can be surrounded my plants and life and my kids can enjoy the space and feel happy and calm too. 

I want to make a sunroom like some of those Pinterest posts were I can be outside but inside. 

I have bad allergies and the mosquitos make me want to stay inside all the time. 

I love to be outside so I do go outside but I have never really been happy with my backyard. 

When we moved into our house it was fine but then the dirt (because there is always dirt blowing around out here) and the bugs and the heat… ugh, the heat, make it unbearable most of the time.

I want to put my workout equipment outside so it can feel like I am running outside again.  

I miss running outside but my feet just cannot take it. The doctor told me that if I want to keep running then I cannot run in the pavement anymore.

It really takes some of the fun out of running. 

How could I even build a sun room. That would cost a lot to make it right. 

Maybe I want too or maybe I am searching the wrong places for what is beautiful or maybe I know what makes me feel good but being outside out here just makes me feel too horrible. 

Cannot win out here. 

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