Psychokinesis and mind reading, real?

I was watching a while back about some professor who has challenged the idea that psychokinesis isn’t real but when I was playing along with the ” can you tell me what the image is” I actually did get it right as I now believe many people who tried it also did. I couldn’t believe I got it snd called it a lucky guess but what I saw in my mind was what the image was just not as clearly defined as the image they had drawn.

I, like others I have now read, do have some strange ability to interact with energy in an unusual way whether causing shorts or malfunctions, I believe it exist. I got a pendulum as a curiosity to see if I could make magic and when I opened it, I know what I felt was energy. I have felt the same thing before but with magnets. I know people can feel the pull of a heavy magnet but I can feel it without it’s counter part as if the iron in my blood can feel the tug and I happen to be anemic indefinitely so I can’t explain it other than to say I can feel it.

It’s like the same feeling I get from people who put out a lot of energy. I can feel a persons intentions and the ones that give off very strong negative vibes, I stay away from. Then there are the ones who give off sexual vibes. Maybe some call it intuition or maybe science calls it something else but I cam feel it too which makes me uncomfortable around people at times.

In some people you can tell that they are trying to deflect the feelings because it’s unintentional but with others, it’s like they either don’t know it or they are actively aware of it and visualizing through intent or something. Some people feel…most people feel extremely uncomfortable around me because I put out a lot of vibes but to me they feel like reflections of others. I don’t know.

All I am saying is that I cam feel it. So when I picked up this pendulum, i could feel it and it made me “tickle” so to speak, like a surprise that scared me a little but was also a welcomed wonder, a delight.

Last night I was messing around with it, wondering what people do with them and I told it to move in a circle. I only said it in my head and it did it. I thought maybe I did it unintentionally with my fingers so I tried it again making super sure that I was not accidentally forcing the pendulum to move. It still did what I told it. Then I told it to stop and it did, then move this way and that way and make a bigger circles and swing this far and stop, switch directions…it did all of my commands.

I wasn’t freaked out about it but elated to realize that there really is some sort of current of energy moving around that I can use. How I can command it with my words or mind is something I have yet to figure out but I know it gives me a little headache. Just to test it more, I let my kid hold it and tried it that way but it didn’t work. I felt doubtful and assumed then I must be moving it with my fingers like a magic illusion. So I asked her to hold it again over my palm and I tried it, but it didn’t work. Then I asked her to hold it in her fingers and I put my hand over hers but not on her fingers and tried to keep her still and tried it again and it worked.

So I know that I was not moving it with my fingers and for whatever reason, I have to be in contact even if it’s not direct. I want to set it up so that it is attached to something that I can be sure it isn’t me physically moving it through unintentional fine motor movements and see what happens. At the moment though, I remain convinced that it is possible to move things with the mind, I just want to figure out how I am doing it so I cam expand on it.

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