Glorious rain!  I know it’s caused a lot of problems this week but I am still relieved that it finally came. I knew it eventually would. I didn’t doubt that. 

In other news, I am tired already of the fight to impeach the president. After all he’s done in the first month, it’s exhausting to try and keep up. 

I am still baffled at how he is still even there. Everyone knows what a disgrace he is to the world and my mind keeps thinking, how the fuck is he still there. The thing has managed to piss off probably 76% of the worlds population and the only people falling for his lies are people who don’t know any better because they live in a bubble or something. 

Sadly, I am not talking to my dad. I responded in kind to a group email  with a Jesus meme and immigration that I thought was even foul for an atheist and set the record straight. 

They didn’t like that very much and regarded, not my words but Jesus’ words as “venom”. I thought that was completely ironic since they are all about the Jesus or something they believe is the Jesus. 🤷‍♀️ 

After that I was pretty much sure that the 45 had dug his teeth so deep into them they cannot think straight anymore and play the victim card as they do with so many things…Christians that is. 

Several apologies later and being told how disrespectful I am and I finally just blocked them completely, at least for now. 

I wish them well though. I love my dad but he can be such a selfish ass sometimes…a lot of the time and his wife, she’s nice and all but she’s got a complex about her as well that I try to ignore because sometimes even good people can’t see the condescending nature of themselves and after so long, I just decided now would be a good time to stop talking to them.  At least for a while. 

What else? Idk. I spend most of the weekend riding up my home and cleaning and organizing. Nothing like a clean and organized home to be in. Clutter makes me anxious. 

Really not much else to say. I am still wondering when the tanks will start coming down the street and of the president will ever acknowledge that millions of people have been protesting relentlessly since he was elected. 

He still hasn’t so it makes me think that demonstrations are pointless save for the people it unites against one cause. 

I wish I could mastermind a plan to lift the veil of deception from the people he’s got caught in his trance if only to save them from the pending harm they might either enact of others or that might fall of them. 

There’s really nothing we can do and we have to leave it up to the remaining people in government start the impeachment process but they’re all scared. 

Doing so would result in job loss because he fired anyone who disagrees with him so it purely selfish reasons that 45 remains. 

It’s such a tragedy really. I think Putin will use his ignorance to get sanctions lifted and then expose of him right after. 

Cowards. So many cowards. 

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