Some days I see a lot of people smiling. Sometimes I think it starts with me. 

Does smiling cause others to smile like laughing often causes others to laugh? 

I think it does. On the days I feel the best and my smile is genuine, is is as though everyone around me begins to smile. 

Wouldn’t it be a marvelous thing if all we had to do to bring happiness into people was smile a genuine smile? 

I would think that could o my be true IF the smile is genuine and the only way it can be genuine is when it permeates from the inside and it can only do that if what’s inside is at peace with itself. 

Today’s era of negativity, I think, has a lot to do with dissatisfaction of ones circumstances and how we feel them to ourselves. 

For instance, that old but wise saying to “be happy with your lot in life”, gives people mixed emotions. 

On the superficial side, to be happy with unsatisfactory conditions isn’t something that a society as a whole should ignore if our goal is to bring everyone up if only for the sake of humanity and morality, however, between here and there the path that improves the standards of ourselves is the one that can be happy or look on the positive side or turn that negative into something positive, even when the conditions aren’t as benevolent as they could otherwise be. 

I think that because our minds become fixed on what we think we should be or what we have not, it becomes self defeating. 

Like peace is the precursor to peace, so to is better perception of ourselves the precursor to a better standard of living for all. 

I think we have, for the most part, lost ourselves to the modern era of being constantly at work or having our minds constantly thinking and analyzing and rarely do people take the time to stop and sit for a minute and do nothing else but sit. 

Rarely do we take the time to see Nature or see the souls, the real ones, of those around us as part of the Universe that we are without a doubt part of in its’ great finite infinity. 

When we cannot stop and relax and think of nothing, our brains are overloaded, we sleep poorly, we think unclear and our better Nature is buried, tired and unable to recharge. 

To the bigger point. Find a genuine love in yourself and don’t be afraid to let it show. In time, as hate reciprocates hate, so too can love reciprocate love. 

So smile and just be present in Nature no matter what that Nature happens to be at the moment. 

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