The Fake New World


I guess I am supposed to feel more optomistic about the future, the digital age, the age of VR and AR and Cookie Cutter People, familiar music, and medical sciences that are so close to finding the cure…a way to escape death but I am not.

Although some features are useful and I appreciate them, there is so much more that I didn’t expect and most of that comes from people.  The age where communication is supposed to bring us closer has pushed us so far apart but also memed the very fabric of cultural identiy that Evangelical beliefs aren’t any different from Islamic extremists but they both push the idea of hate for each other and everything inbetween but cover their hate with pretty words like love, acceptance, understanding and god.

We have a material world that is making everyone look the same, think the same, watch the same, sing the same and want the same.  Those who don’t conform feel isolated by the vitrue of being uniue and willing to still live while the narrative of such people is based on the fakeness of what it means to be alive.  It’s the idea that to live is to jump from a plane or travel around the world and to have many friends to spend all those awesome living times with yet, for most, this is unattainable.

It’s unattainable to be the narrative of perfection, of love, of beauty and industry pushes that bar so hight that really, it’s only those willing to become in debt over having perfection and those who actually can afford the immage, can have that.  Everyone else is a cheap knock off of real life that doesn’t quite fit into the Fake World perspective.

Intelligence is being faked too.  How many times have you spoken to someone who has repeated an article you read or a wiki entry and has claimed to know so much about a subject but outside of their own self proclaimed genius, they don’t really know anything at all?  It’s one thing to read about a subject and have an opinion but another to have the opinion of the subject they just read.

It’s gotten to me a lot lately.  It started when going to the gym.  Don’t get me wrong, I love group fitness classes.  You have fun getting your workout done and it doesn’t feel boring or hard (sometimes a little hard) but that’s not what bothered me.  Going into something knowing that you are supposed to do the same thing, in this case, the same dance moves or something is different than slowly seeing all the young women starting to dress the same, strike the same pose for a selfie with their group of look-alikes.

I remember seeing this one girl.  I know she was training to be an instructor and she was awesome.  It was easy to tell she was different.  She didn’t wear a pound of makeup, she wore different workout wear, she did things that were unique and I said she was crazy.  Crazy good though.  I admired her but slowly she changed.  Her clothes changed to fit the standard, her hair changed, she’s wearing a lot of makeup, she’s got new fake lashes and she moves just like the other girls.


But it wasn’t just her, the instructors come in and they all looke the same.  They’re all blonde, wearing extensions, fake lashes, same Lululemon brand of clothes, they all pose the same, the all smile the same, they are all the same.  It’s not to say that ALL the women at the gym look the same but it is obvious which ones spend a good amount of time on social media picking up the new trends to look all alike and I wonder why.  Why is it so important to look just like the next girl?  Is it so bad to be different?

I have read article after article on the research about what social media does to a person’s feelings of self-esteem.  The feelings of depression or exclusion when you aren’t part of the fold.  It leads young vulnerable minds to believe that if they aren’t in, they are out.  I think about those consequences all the time because I am raising two girls who I want to help grow up into the world of FAKE and loving what is real and not feeling like the things they see are the truth.

Hidden under so many of those post, the fragments of people’s lives are lives that are buried in insecurity.  Some of them pushing for their big break, others just trying to fit it, others craving some sort of social interactions, others pushing narratives for more sinister purposes and the effect it has on people is a burden.

How do people pull themselves away from a source that is keeping them connected while ironically disconnecting them from their real truths?  I see it sometimes, brave real people who see the bullshit and are trying to change it.  There’s a woman fittness person who shows the truth and tells it like it is.  She is trying to tell all the girls who think they need to be perfect that it only looks perfect BECAUSE our tools make it possible to transform any photo into an enhanced and touched pic so that you never see the celulite or the slight love handles or the muffin top or the scars or the small boobs or small butt.

Yet, even when the same people who helped create the FAKE NEW WORLD who are trying to turn it back, cannot seem to get it into people’s minds that it really isn’t that way, there are entities out there who make money off of people who feel the need to have cosmetic surgery done so they can look like that so it’s a money maker, the beauty that destroyed us.

How sad is that?  They also use crafty manipulation that also effect the psyche.  “If a woman feels like she will be more confident if she does this, then we will do that for her because it’s all about how she feels”.   But that’s not really the sound of people who want to help improve a person’s life now is it?  Not when she keeps going back because nothing she has is good enough, not for her when it isn’t good enough for him, right?

Take a tally of all the fake things you see and tell me how the New World isn’t a Fake one.  How is it not deceptive and greedy?  How do we change it?  You can tell people to get off social media but they won’t hear of it because, well, because deep down, those people are still craving something that is missing from the real world, acceptance, their big break, getting their ideas out there, becoming someone important, feeling the dopamine of that “like” or “love” button to give themselves the satisfaction that someone out there saw them.

Do you know how hard it is to explain to a seven year old that the people she is playing with in a game aren’t ‘real’ friends?  And I swear it, I fucked up.  I fucked up when I handed her a tablet to play on thinking it would be fine but I didn’t know what impact it would have on her ability to understand what’s real from what is fake.  She doesn’t know what I mean when I say they aren’t your real friends.  I mean, she is smart enough to know that there are people on the other end and she says they are real.

It’s hard to explain to her that there are robots who mimic people and create illusions of friendship and it’s hard to tell the difference or that not everyone who says nice things on the internet are actually nice people or that her words matter when the things I am telling her are conflicting; how can they matter when you just told me it’s a robot.

I do blame myself for that and at the same time I know this is the future and my ways are now considered old.  I am not so old that I don’t remember my own parents saying similar things but still,  the internet was a baby when I was growing up and I have seen it progress and have been intergrated into it but the difference between me and older generations and the new ones and future ones is that we didn’t live online.

The best I can do is help my kids understand the difference even when it’s hard for me to even tell when something on the other end is real or fake.  Look around.  What’s the narrative, the one even I am repeating?  Fake, fake, fake.

Fake news, fake crisis’, fake people, fake lives, fake landscape, fake friends, fake foods, fake ecosystems, fake free market, fake president, fake photos, fake esteem, fake likes, fake loves, fake trees, fake grass, fake drugs… the cost of the Fake New World is expensive and it feeds off your insecurities.

It’s not just personal self insecurities, it’s the insecurities on the internet, the market, the Earth itself and the only way to distort the truth is to fake it.  IF that pisses you off and you feel offended by it, then sorry not sorry, it should because it’s true for more people than you think and you just might be one of them.

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