The Great Cosmic Mother Book Review

I just finished reading a book called The Great Cosmic Mother, Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth.  It’s a 500 pg book detailing women’s cultural lineage, spiritual development and it’s decline into the patriarchal society we live in today.

The book is certainly a revelation, so to speak, about women’s mysterious connection to the Moon and Earth giving a very real sense of connectedness and truthful intuitive spirit between women through her mensural cycles and the development of consciousness as well as a deep and critical look at the origins of magic, math, science, arts and agriculture as well as the numerous way throughout cultural history that these things had been reinvented and how they lend way into what we know as the last 4000 years of cultural or “civilized” society and the roles women (and eventually lesser men) were reduced to as the result of moving away from a naturalistic world where people still used there senses to do things like keep track of time, agriculture, domestication of animals and where all the old and newer religious beliefs have stemmed from forming the foundation of a God of War through men’s ego and desire to be more like a woman in the sense of her biological connectedness to the Moon in a very real spiritual account that is much the same as say, a sea turtle that still finds it’s way back to it’s birth place no matter how far it travels which we know to be true, they use the Moon.

In this book written by two authors; Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor, they remap a history that does indeed make a lot of sense and for me, put to rest some sentiments about Christianity and other war faring religions that I couldn’t quite put my finger on but knew, for what it was worth, through many years spent reading about, into and their origins including but not limited to the doctrines of today’s religions: the Bible, Koran, The Bhagavad Gita, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, The Iliad, The Zen Teachings of the Bodhidharma (and so many others) as well as historical, perspective and other worldly books such as: The Illusion of God’s Presence, Immortality, the Return of the Gods, The Radical, Zealot, The 12th Planet, A New Earth, The Continuum Concept, The Selfish Gene, The God Delusion, Treasury of Norse Mythology, Chariots of the Gods, Origins: Fourteen Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution, Zeus, Tracking Bodhidharma, Taoism, Tao Te Ching, Nothing Holy About It, The Unfettered Mind, Fear, Zen Buddhism, The Way of Zen, From Fear to Fearlessness, Jesus Interrupted, The Happy Atheist, Death By Black Hole, Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, The Brain, Free Will, How Jesus Became God, The Gnostic Gospels of Jesus, The Lost Books of the Bible, The Nag Hammadi Library, The Silk Roads A New History of the World, Endless Forms Most Beautiful and so many more concerning more recent history via different causes of wars, economy, and poetry.  My list is long and covers so many areas.

The point being that in all of them, no matter how illuminating they all are in their own way, one thing that none of them put light on was women and the background to all of them.  There is so much to be said about this book that I you would have to read it yourself HOWEVER, like all the other books that I have read, they leave you with this sense that their way of thinking is the truth or something more palatable than the rest,  The Great Cosmic Mother is no exception no matter how insightful the book is, in the end, it’s the same manor of political, religious, self gratifying decent into enticing others to believe as they do with the exception of maybe ancient astronaut theories that are more about being open and questioning.

The irony is that the authors rant against (with really good reason) a patriarchal society that forces the mind into carnage, a savage reprieve seething anger and division and uses political and religious brain washing that have been done for soo long, that even in their best attempt to unveil a certain truth, find themselves in the end becoming raged and forceful and seeding hatred towards even their fellow ‘sisters’ in an attempt to get women off their butts politically and take back what they seem to believe belongs to women.

While I certainly do feel that there is a great spirit in a woman that is without a doubt connected to a cosmic feature of life on Earth ie; the Moon or in other word a Spirit that connects us to the Universe in every sense (also noted every single one of the books mentioned), the idea that a man is better than a woman or that a woman is better than a man just does not appeal to me.

There are billions of reasons to be angry and so many ways it can be explained and so many ways anyone can find any of them fitting and true but for me I see women and men both equally worthy and capable of many things and skills that some can do better than others and I see them as gifts.  I am not jealous or angry with either sex unless it comes by way of force and the idea that one is better than the other or to degrade another or blame them for a society that they did not and still have no idea that thousands of years of grooming a particular mind set, the “illusion” have given way to the place we continue to find ourselves living in.

I personally believe there can be a balance between machine (as she calls it) and Earth but getting people to understand the balance and lose the illusion of such ideas that are buried deep into our psyches without force, violence, punishment of some sort is just not something that can be done without a persons personal desire to break free of it and put in the work of self discovery and all the things you may be missing because I know that THAT road is not an easy journey.  “Losing your religion” is not as simple as disbelief or finding another group or disengaging because everything we say and do no matter how factual or innocent or fun we believe they are is a result of hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation and brain making cannot undue with a snap of a finger nor by force, not through a scientific discipline and not even if aliens really did come and greet us.

Anyway.  This book (although written roughly through the 80s) is definitely worth the read.

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