The Great Mother’s Grimoire

The Great Mother’s Reapers

Seeds are life’s most important ingredient! Having a seed is like having gold. In them contain all the codes to bring life back from the “dead” and from one seed becomes many seeds.

The seeds contain the power to nurture and destroy. From poisons to life breathing forests. A shelter for animals, the “lungs” of the Earth, a seed contains the instructions and I am the Reaper.

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Although the Reaper sounds devilish, I can assure you I am also a sower. From one seed becomes many and to watch them flourish, to burgeon into a patch full of life is to have understanding of the cycles of life from which magic is coded.

Just one seed built a life that humans could use to cultivate cities and from cities into empires. From amoeba to spore, seed to man…the Earth is the womb and we are it’s bee-holders.

The keepers of the land, we reap and we sow honoring the Great Mother is to drop a seed wherever you go. Partake in the magic, our blessed Nature. In death we are, in death no more!

A seed is more than just a seed, a seed is a thought dispersed into the Universe, a thought that grows, an idea that will flourish. A seed is you’re intent and it’s offspring are the manifestation. Your thoughts full of energy buried away in the seed of your brain!

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Your pineal gland IS your brain’s seed. Can’t you see!?

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Every seed is a page from the Great Mother’s grimoires! Her codes misunderstood for time and time again until at last we find her encode.

A double helix 🧬, the master plans. The manifestation of all her knowledge written in forms, can’t you see?

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Inside each tiny miracle is a universe all its own, all ready and waiting to be released, brought from the depths of their own black hole and burst into ours, our Earth, a new beginning. All the power, compact and present in every seed sown, can’t you see, can’t you see!?

Her frequencies radiate and most can’t hear the colors which they produce. And believe it or not, seeds have feelings too.

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Without feelings they couldn’t heed the direction of the Sun, their nourishment from our small place in the Galaxy, transforming the land into a paradise full of life giving energy.

Terra Mater, the Mother of the God’s, who gave life to the deities in our ancient past. Her name, so many until we find alas, that the Great Mother, Mother Nature is the keeper of the codes from which the magic of life was created.

Those on this path whom nourish the seeds are keepers of the land, planting seeds along their path because the cycle of life is always this…

To be the Reaper is a great responsibility. To take and then give, collecting the souls that are put to rest in the ground so they can once again be reborn and again give life to all who partake in it because just one seed becomes many and in many became us and with us we are the Mother’s Reapers.

And my gift to you for all who wondered, the missing piece in the alchemist inquiry, the stone the stone, what is it that you seek, the philosophers stone is that of a seed.

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From 2 seeds that inspired my thoughts. My pic.

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