The Umbrella Academy


I love, love, love it!  This show is about gifted kids who were are born on the same day in some sort of ‘miracle’ of sorts and adopted by this old guy who looks like the Monopoly guy.  The plot isn’t unlike other super hero stories but the characters are different.

The Monopoly guy adopts as many of the, I think 100, kids from their mothers who were formally not pregnant and spontaneously gave birth on the same day.  He raises them up knowing they had certain special abilities and grooms them to save the world from an Apocalypse that cannot be stopped.

Unlike other films where the End is averted, this one takes place by the end of the first season (the only season so far).  They have names but they go by numbers because Monopoly guy called them by their numbers.

Number 1. aka Luther, is the like the leader of the group who has incredible strength but I will not spoil the details.  He also lived on the Moon for a few years.

Number 2. aka Diego.  He can throw knives around corners and stuff.

Number 3. Allison.  Allison creates “rumors”.  When she speaks the rumor it comes to pass.

Number 4. Klaus.  The “ghost whisperer”.  He can see and speak to the dead but he also has some other super power that sets him apart from other “sixth sensors”.

Number 5.  He’s still Five.  He can time travel.  He gets stuck in the future and that’s how he finds out about the end of days and comes back to save his family.  The funny thing about him is that he’s a grown man in his 13 year old body.  I LOVE his acting.

Number 6. Ben.  Ben is dead but when Ben was alive, he was more like an octopus.

Number 7. Vanya.  The Violinist.  Her power is tied to her emotions but she is also like a Synergist.

Then the supporting cast  of characters are just as amazing as the main characters.  I love the new take on the “butterfly effect”.  I can’t spoil it for you but I can say that I love how the ‘battle’ of wits is taking shape between Five and the one called the Handler.

Anyway.  I can’t say too much without leaving spoilers but if you love super heroes and all things sci-fi and comedy and some things you didn’t see coming (and some that you do), you’ll love this show.  There are a handful of shows that I cannot get enough of and The Umbrella Academy is up there with Stranger Things (which I also can’t wait till July for the season).

Oh yeah, and there’s a talking monkey.

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