Theft Protection Folk Magic

This is something that I got from my mom.  Growing up, my mom was most definitely a superstitious woman and a lot of old school folk magic cames from the idea that you could do things to ward off undesirable things or change an outcome of something.

Being asian (southeast) my mom had a superstition for just about everything but 1 of them I used pretty often, nearly everyday actually.  This one is to prevent people from stealing from you.

It’s pretty simple. You don’t need anything but yourself and belief in yourself and your own inner magical powers to bring it to fruition.

When your left palm itches this means that money is coming your way.  Sometimes it’s a little but other times when you feel a painful pinch in the center of your palm, that means a lot of money is coming your way.  NEVER scratch the palm of the left or you will lose money.

If the RIGHT palm itches, I draw cross, circle it three time counter clockwise and strike through in the last circle.  In my head I repeat, 1.2.3. you will not steal from me (or my family) and I blow on my palm.  When it keeps happening then someone is pretty intent on getting you money or stealing whatever from you.  IF that happens, then whisper or speak loudly (however you feel is necessary) into your palm and blow it away aggressively.  You can (and I do if they won’t quit) speak a curse or hex upon them which usually consist of something like, “if you steal from me, you’ll lose more than me” or a pep talk “it’s not worth it, do the right thing and work for what you need or ask for help”.  Really it depends on the feeling I am getting from it.

And that’s it for this old school folk remedy for theft.

The picture shown is the Atlantean Cross.  It’s like a seal for those who claim to be spiritual or ancestral decent from the Atlantis.  It was a symbol used for protection and strengthening power.

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