My little Mo has got quite the mouth on her. It’s one thing that she thinks I am embarrassing to her but another when she makes it well known and every time I say anything she has a negative response that isn’t very funny anymore because it edges on belittling rather than savvy sarcasm. 

No doubt I am to blame for the sarcasm because I am about as sarcastic as a person can get but I know where to draw the line.  She does not know this line yet so I told her that she doesn’t make me feel good about myself and my assumption is that some of her friends find her questionable sarcasm to be a bit more of the put down side than the funny doh side. 

I am also “triggered” (a word my daughter introduced to me in place of pissed) that my littlest one always wants to quit whenever something becomes hard, requires her to pay attention or if it feels to her that she isn’t instantly better than everyone else or that she thinks she deserves special attention because she is cute. 

I know these are phases that I have to work with so that I can clear up the misunderstandings about what is appropriate and what not but in the meantime, urg. 

I think it’s time to step up my authority and clearly lay out the guidelines on what constitutes being a jerk and when quitting can be appropriate. 

I can be way to laid back at times so I blame myself for allowing this behavior to read its ugly head, then again I also remember going through this with my own dad growing up and he was a strict as a parent could be so maybe it’s not that and I just have to lay out the rules with more clarity. 

How to do that without destroying them in the process requires a little ingenuity on my part.  

There, now that I have vented, I feel much better. I am always surprised at the way my own kids can make me feel and I am sure other parents feel this as well at times. 

Nonetheless, it still sucks when I have to switch gears and be their mother first and their friend second.  It urks me some because my mom used to say to me all the time, “I am not your friend, I am your mother” and while that is true, I try to be nothing like them until I realize that there are points that they made that I cannot refute as usesell and terrible parenting. 

Indeed there are things that they did that I do myself. That’s like another urk, still when someone is right then they are right and on that point, yes.  I have to be mother first and friends if they are lucky. Lol. 

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