I have seen them a few times in my life with the first time being around 10 years old. I have seen them in Washington state, Hawaii and California with the Most impressive being in Hawaii and Fresno.

When I moved to Fresno, I have seen more than I had seen in my whole lifetime put together. Back in 2007 (2006?) I saw one that looked like an Eagle but also a machine with lights that looked like stars under the wings. Everyone I told thought I had lost my mind because what I experienced really scared me to the bones so to speak and I didn’t stop trembling for months and it look a few years before the feeling no longer scared me the way it did. I think back on it often when I feel like I have lost that feeling of life being more than what it looks like on the surface.

I went to great lengths to convince myself that it never happened except that I cannot say that because it did and I stand by it always even when people tell me otherwise. Every time I would see one I would tell my husband snd he wouldn’t believe me until we moved to Fresno and we saw one (could’ve been more) together. The irony of that sighting was that I was literally speaking about the probability.

It seemed to go from one spot to another in the sky like it could jump space. My husband looked a little shocked and panicked and I, of course, waved at it like an idiot. Even then he didn’t want to admit what he had seen because people get ridiculed all the time for talking about those things. Those ones or that one was red and moments later it was being chased by a convoy of helicopters and then they were gone.

We weren’t the only ones to see it in the area because we got on YouTube shortly after and found another person who happened to capture the event and we spoke back and forth in the comments and he was going to report it to MUFON. The next day I was at a crosswalk and I saw the MUFON or some sort of bus related to UFOs drive by and the next day the same guy put up another video telling us how he had to take it down.

It really did happen as much as anyone wants to deny that these things are real. I haven’t been looking much lately mostly because the mosquito problem keeps me from wanting to be outside with my eyes to the sky but lately I feel like it’s time to start looking again because for some reason, I miss them. It’s like they haven’t been around lately and every now and again I sit out for a little while just to see.

That year there were so many sightings. My husband even got one on video but convincing people of it has always been a chore so I keep it to myself mostly. I mean, I have no trouble telling people that I believe aliens exist but I don’t talk about the eagle experience anymore. I mention it casually sometimes but I no longer talk about what it said, how I changed or anything that deeply effected me because I don’t want people to take it away or make me feel stupid for something that happened that I cannot explain. I have always wondered ‘why me?’

I have told myself it was chance but I don’t believe that because there would be no point in communicating with me if it was just chance. Anyways. This year I want to see if I can contact them. It sounds dorky, I am well aware of my dorkiness and that no one would believe me if I did so really there is no harm in trying since if they ewanted to hurt me, they could have done it already.

Also with all the new evidence coming out and the message that I got seeming to come to fruition, it seems like it’s time for something. Not sure what or if anything will come of anything at all but I still feel like I should.

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