Ugh. More of the same. 

Is it just me or is the news repeating itself? 

The hurricanes, the earthquakes, the mass shooting and even the whole kneeling for the flag NFL thing. 

Do people ever get enough of arguing the same things over and over again just to achieve the same results as the last round which is no results just more hatred. 

Along with it is the increase in guns sales, racism, patriotism, fighting over the president, then the finger pointing to the republicans or the liberals. 

Add to that the “call to prayers” which are ridiculous and then toss in the terrorists thing again. 

It’s a bit played out. I am not interested in what’s going on anymore. Perhaps it’s shallow but it just so predictable. 

These events seem to take place al around the same times and with all the same narratives and all the same memes. What is there to discuss? 

People stopped talking a while ago and all they do is yell and offer the same thoughts and then fight about it again because no one is actually listening. People just want to be right and they want someone to blame but they cannot be bothered to change themselves. 

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