Up-cycled Wagon

It was time to transplant my strawberries into a different space.

Originally I was thinking of doing a tower that a friend linked to on Pinterest but while I was outside I saw this old wagon and decided to use that instead because I remember seeing something similar from the link.

I drilled some holes in the bottom of this with my husband’s drill thingy.

I had some leftover lava rocks from an old aquaponics system. Good thing too because I didn’t have any gravel so it worked out perfect.

I had just enough to line the bottom of the wagon.

I had some leftover landscape fabric from probably 6 years ago to line the rest, transplanted my strawberries and cut off the extra fabric. Gave it a water, made sure it drained well enough and put in its new place.

Easy peasy. Also I thought the landscaping fabric was a fantastic idea! I probably never would have thought of that on my own.

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