Wondering OFF

I have been bad lately about keeping up with my blog and my podcast BUT other things have come up.  For one Beat Saber.  I can’t get enough of it.  I play it on the PSVR and it’s so much fun.  I got it on Friday and already got “S” scores and all that.  I want to make it up to the top 10 but it’s freaking hard!

You have to swing the move controllers in a certain way to maximize your points which is really hard to do since the cubes are coming at you pretty fast although they do seem slower the more you play it.  I managed to get a “faster” trophy on Expert for one of the songs.  It’s was NUTS but also fun.  PLUS, it burns mad calories.  Burns more calories than I have managed at the gym.  Burns more calories than an 8 mile run.

When I think about it though.  I shouldn’t be that surprised.  After all, most of the songs are up in the 150 BPMs.

Other things.  I got a creative spark that burst out of nowhere so I have been back at making music.  That alone has been keeping my mind pretty tied up PLUS editing is annoying and tedious.  I don’t know which takes more time, trying to nail a perfect track in one take or just editing out the mistakes.  IDK, they both take a considerable amount of time.  It’s really no wonder people that do that sort of thing for a living get paid big money.

For my next project, it’s a collaborative effort.  I don’t know how it will turn out but the person I am working with want to submit it to something for commercial use.  I have never done anything like that before BUT it’s new and I am all about trying new things plus, I get excited when I get to put things together and make something new.

Anyways.  Pretty sure no one has missed me or cares one bit about my life but since I said I was going to keep up with my blog, here you go.  Or, well, here I go.

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