You’ll NEVER believe what happened! 

I swear it that unless my necklace pulled some crazy science stuff that I was unaware of, my necklace chain grew six inches! Okay, I don’t know how many inches it get but it did. I swear it.  

I was trying to do a magic trick for my kid, “magically” changing my shirt.  I did the trick and I thought I broke my necklace in the process. 

When I went to my room to take the shirt off, I pulled on the pendant thinking the chain was going to fall off except it didn’t. 

I turned it to look for the clasps and it was still connected but my necklace is now long enough to pull over my head.  

I don’t know how it happened but t did.  AND I know that NO ONE will believe it.  Even I can’t make sense of it but it did happen. 

I know.  I know.  A picture doesn’t prove anything but it is the same necklace and chain.  Can silver be stretched like that without breaking?  

Update- I got back to looking at it. And yes, the chain did stretch without breaking. Looking at it with light behind it, I can see parts that hadn’t stretched. 

It’s amazing how much they can stretch. 

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